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Guest Speakers by Maura Thompson

Guest Speakers by Maura Thompson

In my role as Club Retention Chair, I have found that low membership clubs have difficulty holding full and vibrant meetings. One of the reasons is that these Clubs have problems filling speaking slots. This makes it very difficult to hold a vibrant meeting and sadly...

5 Pathways Myths “Busted”!  by Susie Overton District Pathways Advisor

Leadership and 80% Pathways by Susie Overton, D26 Pathways Advisor

As leaders, we guide members forward into the future. Are we ready for for June 30th, 2020 when the Traditional Program ends? What strategies do we have in place to ensure our clubs are positioned for success?

Adoption rates can help us monitor how we are doing. What is the adoption rate in your area of responsibility? Current adoption rate data by club is now available daily under District Central at As of 11/10/19 District 26 has a 74.5% adoption rate and only a third of our clubs have total enrollment of 80% or greater.

Upcoming Training and Contests by Jacqueline Smith, PQD

Upcoming Training and Contests by Jacqueline Smith, PQD

Beginning in early 2020, District 26 will begin the much-anticipated contest season.  In order for our members to be eligible to participate in contests at any level (club, area, division or district) the member must be in good standing, that is, the member’s dues must be paid.  Moreover, the club must also be in good standing, that is a minimum of 8 payments, with 3 of said payments from renewing members, must also be recorded in order for any member to be eligible for contests.

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