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Who is ready to get their DTM?

It took me several years to get my DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster award) because I did not know what was needed to get it. I thought I just gave speeches and filled out my manuals. Boy was I wrong! I found out that I needed to create, organize and run a High-Performance Leadership Project. What did that entail?

Then there was the need to hold a district position, but which one should I do?

Area Director – This is where I would help clubs in a certain area understand different levels of Toastmasters from Club Officer positions to holding contests and reminding them to attend the twice a year training. Who was going to teach me about all that stuff? I found out that the district has two trainings per year to help the Area Directors. And they would also provide me with a Division Director to remind me of what I might be missing. I think I can do that, be a cheerleader, be a motivator, let them know how important they are to the entire organization.

Division Director – This is a step up from Area Director. This is where I would help the Area Directors in a certain division, there are eight division positions that need to be filled so I have a good chance of getting one. This position will require me to organize meetings with my area directors and have them check in with me. They will be coming to me for answers, but I do have the Trio to go to for help whenever I need them. And just like the area directors I will have training twice a year to help me do the best job I can.

I wanted to let you know a little more about each position so you can start to think about stepping up to complete the district requirements to get your DTM.

I am so excited when I see someone with the right attitude step up to be a leader and then grow their skills along the way.

Is this next year your year to step up? I hope so!

Victoria Cox
Program Quality Director

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