District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

District Contacts 2022-2023

District Officers & Leaders

JP Bachmann, DTM
District Director

District Director Team          Business Meeting Chairs

Ann Hill, DTM
Program Quality Director

PQD Team

James Gable, IP5
Club Growth Director

CGD Team

                       Ben Langley, IP5                       Public Relations Manager prm[at] Diane Nuss, DTM
Finance Manager
Teri McDonald, DTM, PDD (D57)
Administration Manager
Logistics Manager
Linda Rhea, DTM, PDG
Victoria Cox, DTM, IPDD
Immediate Past District Director[at]

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Denver Division
Eastern Division
Foothills Division
Metro Division
Northern Division
Southern Division
Urban Division


Denver Division

Denver Division Leaders
Denver Division Director Karen McGrath DenverDivDirector[at]
Area D1 Director Justin Bowman
Area D2 Director Keith Bailey
Area D3 Director OPEN OPEN
Area D4 Director James Cline
Area D5 Director Steve Holloway


Eastern Division

Eastern Division Leaders
Eastern Division Director A.J. Herran  EasternDivDirector[at]
Area E1 Director
Area E2 Director
Area E3 Director Alenka Znidarsic
Area E4 Director
Area E5 Director Robert Constable
Area E6 Director Mark Snyder

Foothills Division

Foothills Division Leaders


Foothills Division Director

Pattie Apple foothillsdivdirector[at]
Area F1 Director Chelsa Newberg
Area F2 Director Katelynn Pau
Area F3 Director Janet Sellers
Area F4 Director Revathy Sukumaran
Area F5 Director

Metro Division

Metro Division Leaders
Metro Division Director Ruth Prentice, DTM MetroDivDirector[at]
Area M1 Director Brad Wolf
Area M2 Director Jeanne Ladewig, DTM
Area M3 Director Carol Walker-Lopez
Area M4 Director Ann Kerr, DTM
Area M5 Director Jason Butts

Northern Division

Northern Division Leaders

Northern Division Director

Nathan Darnall NorthernDivDirector[at]
Area N1 Director
Area N2 Director
Area N3 Director Cecilia Kramer
Area N4 Director

Southern Division

Southern Division Leaders

Southern Division Director



Deborah Horowitz,   DTM


Area S1 Director
Area S2 Director Zack Taylor
Area S3 Director
Area S4 Director Nathan Winzenried

Urban Division

Urban Division Leaders

Urban Division Director

Will Robinson, DTM UrbanDivDirector[at]
Area U1 Director Trixie Hunter-Merrill, DTM
Area U2 Director Marcia Wood, DTM, PDD
Area U3 Director Jim Roth 
Area U4 Director Meredith Myers 
Area U5 Director Ricardo Soto

District Director Team


Business Meeting Chairs


PQD Team

Victoria Cox, DTM, IPDD

Tom Hobbs, DTM, PDG

Rich Hopkins, DTM

Meredith Myers, EH5

Ruth Prentice, DTM

Ray Willis, DTM

Greg Von Williams, DTM

Marcia Wood, DTM PDD


CGD Team

 Extension Chair – Ruth Prentice, DTM

Retention Chair – Abirame Periyasamy, DTM

Club Coach Chair – Meredith Myers, EH5




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