District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

Once each year, districts must review and amend, if necessary, the alignment of the clubs, areas and divisions within their boundaries.

The proposed alignment plan is determined during this period, and the plan as a whole is voted on first by the District Executive Committee (DEC). The DEC is comprised of all Division and Area Directors, the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager, Finance Manager and the Immediate Past District Director. The  final proposed alignment plan is then presented at the  Annual District Council Business Meeting in the Spring. The District Council voting members are all of the Presidents and Vice Presidents Education of each club and the DEC members.   The final alignment is  sent to Toastmasters for uploading to the District 26 Dashboard and is uploaded here on the District’s website within a few weeks after the District Council’s business meeting.

Per Protocol 7.0.1, Alignment Considerations are:

The best interests of the clubs and District are taken into consideration when assigning clubs to Areas.

  • Areas consist of four (4) to six (6) clubs; however, an Area may consist of three (3) clubs on July 1 only when an effort to charter a fourth club is in process.
  • Under no circumstances may an Area have more than six (6) clubs on July 1.
  • Advanced clubs may not be segregated into Areas.
  • Areas may be segregated by language, subject to the approval of the District Council.
  • Districts assign clubs to Areas based upon:
  • a. Geographic proximity to other clubs
  • b. The ability of an Area Director to effectively provide service
  • c. Club size and strength (e.g., paid, active, disbanding)
  • d. Prospective clubs and expected growth
  • e. The likelihood of eligibility for Distinguished programs (e.g., club base of the Area or Division)

A Division must have a minimum of three (3) Areas.

Please contact James Gable, DTM, our  District Director with any suggestions or concerns at:  districtdirector[at]

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