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Club Dues Renewal

Club Dues Renewal

Toastmasters International “Club Status Guide”:

To achieve half of DCP goal #10, on-time payment of membership dues, accompanied by the names of eight members (at least three of whom must be renewing members) for one period. Dues are due at Toastmasters International by April 1 and October 1 each year. The club treasurer is responsible for submitting the dues to TI via Club Central. This may also be done by any club officer, if the club treasurer is unable to do so. Club officers should provide advanced notice of dues renewal dates, amounts due (which may include club dues) and methods of collecting dues payments.

Toastmasters International dues are $45 for every six-month renewal period or approximately $7.50 per month. For new members, the dues are pro-rated based on the month the person joins. Additionally, all new members are subject to a one-time $20 processing fee. Below is the pro-rated amount based on when a new member joins the club:

October / April $45.00
November / May $37.50
December / June $30.00
January / July $22.50
February / August $15.00
March / September $7.50

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