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We offer TI approved fonts, colors, logos, and images, as well as brand compliant template


To aid in our brand refresh, we offer TI approved fonts, colors, logos, and images, as
well as brand compliant templates. We request you select from TI’s virtual brand portal when
creating district related documents such as training, promotional, marketing, and contests
materials. View the brand video.

The Power Behind Proper Branding

Visual Brand Guidlines

Branding FAQs:

Brand Guidelines – What are they and why do we need them?

The Toastmasters International provides the answer – “The Toastmasters International logo is an integral piece of the brand’s visual identity. Its correct and consistent application accelerates engagement, raises the organization’s credibility and improves brand recall.” The logo and its correctness is a self attestation that it indeed belongs to the fraternity of Toastmasters and therefore should never be altered – be it color, dimensions, or fonts.

Can I crop the Toastmasters logo?

No. The Toastmasters logo should never be truncated or altered in anyway. Also, remember the logo comes with its own background color. Altering the background of the logo to suit the colors on the flyer is also not allowed.

What colors can I use and where can I find their hexadecimal codes?

A detailed description of the guidelines can be found here – Visual Guidelines and Brand Manual, Logos for use

Which fonts can I use on the marketing materials?

For best information on Fonts, please go to the  Visual Guidelines and Brand Manual, Logos for use

What are the pictures I can use on my flyers?

Toastmasters International is all about communication and leadership. The image you use should have some connection to it. Toastmasters encourages the use of images related to – club meetings, presentations and speakers, networking, conferences and training, and speech contests. All of the above applies universally to all clubs whether they are corporate or community clubs. However recently we had received a few regarding the rules while using corporate logos. Here are some clarifications.

Clubs can use the corporate logo in their branding materials like flyers to publicize their club within their company.
The Toastmasters International logo can still be used while publicizing the club in social media forums and the wider network as long as it doesn’t violate the corporate policies, specific to social media, of those companies.  Images and Photography

And here is the most important one:

Never use the two logos together. There can be only one logo to represent Toastmasters.
By using the above mentioned guidelines to prepare your flyer/other marketing materials also includes the opportunity to compete in the flyer of the month contests without risking disqualification or negative points.

If all else fails, always to to to check the  Visual Guidelines and Brand Manual, Logos for use

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