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Speech Contests and District 26

2023 Hybrid Speech Contests Updates                                                                                                                                    Speech Contests are one of the many ways Toastmasters can grow and perfect both speaking and leadership skills. Contests are conducted in a safe, fair environment that encourages speaking and leadership growth.

Please note the following contest rulebook change for the International Speech Contest:    To be eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest, a member must have earned certificates of completion in Level 1 and Level 2 of any path in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience or earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM).     

However,  a charter member of a club that chartered less than one (1) year before the club contest is permitted to compete without having completed this requirement.  The club must have officially chartered before the Area Contest.

The Speech Contests for our  District in 2023 are the International Speech Contest and Table Topics Speech Contest. 

    Clubs are encouraged to conduct their speech contests in January. Clubs have the option of conducting a club
contest or appointing a member to represent the club for each contest at the Area Contest. Club contests
must be completed prior to the date of their area contest.  Clubs may only send 1 member per contest to the Area Contest.
If a club decides to have a club contest they must follow the Speech Contest Rulebook.

Area Contests start in February 2023.    Division Contests start in March 2023.

The District Contests will take place during the Annual Conference in Breckenridge, CO on April 29, 2023.


Area Hybrid Speech Contests – Saturday, February 25

Foothills Division 10:00 AM – Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Denver Division   2:00 PM  –  Areas 2, 3, 4, 5

Area Hybrid Speech Contests – Sunday, February 26

Eastern Division  11:00 AM – Areas 1, 2, 3
Eastern Division   2:30 PM – Areas 4, 5, 6

Division Hybrid Speech Contests –  March 4

Southern 10:30 AM
Denver   2:00 PM

Division Hybrid Speech Contests –  March 11

Metro 10:00 AM
Urban    2:00 PM

Division Hybrid Speech Contests –  March 18

Foothills 10:00 AM 
Northern  2:00 PM


Sunday, March 26, 2023 – – 11:00 AM

Hybrid Speech Contest Best Practices

Links to International documents and a webinar recording are provided below, along with additional resources to help you prepare.


Contest Documents

Attention Clubs:  Here are  the links to your Scripts for your Speech contests:

International                     Table Topics

The scripts below are for the Area and Division Contests.

International Speech Contest Table Topics Speech Contest
Procedures for Speech Contests Area Director Procedures for 2023 Speech contests

5-7 minutes
Qualify: 4:30 min. to 7:30 max.

1-2 minutes
Qualify 1:00 min. to 2:30 max.
Full Kit

1169 international speech kit zip

Table Topics Speech Contest Kit

REVISED 2023 Hybrid Script for International Speech Contest

REVISED 2023 Hybrid Script for Table Topics Speech Contest
Script Preamble Slide

Toastmasters Hybrid Speech Contest Statement

 Ballot 1172 Int. Speech Guide and Ballot 1180 Table Topics Contest Judges Guide and Ballot-ff
 Tiebreaker 1188 Int. Speech Tiebreak G. & Ballot 1180a Table Topics Tiebreaking Judge’s Guide & Ballot
Rulebook 2022-2023 Speech Contest Rulebook
Briefing Document – Contestants, Sergeants-at-Arms, Zoom Master, Tech Assistants 2023 Combined Contestant Briefing – Table Topics and International Speech Contests
Briefing Document – Judges, Timer, Ballot Counters

Chief Judges Briefing Script 2023

Judges Email Template

Audience Participation Document
Contestant Eligibility 1183 Speaker’s Certification of Eligibility and Originality
Contestant Profile 1189 Speech Contestant Profile
Timer 1175 Time Record Sheet and Instructions for Timers
Counters 1176 Counters Tally Sheet
Judges 1170 Judges Certifications of Eligibility and Code of Ethics
Results 1168 Results Form
Winners 1182 Notification of Contest Winner
Certificates of Appreciation Certificates of Appreciation
  Video Release 1193 Region Quarterfinal Video Release
* only for the District contest, each contestant

PowerPoint Slides for Speech Contests – 

Download as .pdf and convert to Google or MS PowerPoint. Please adapt for your Area or Division.  This slide deck example is for an Area holding three (3)  Table Topics and three (3) International contests in one day.  

For Zoom Master to display during the Speech Contests.  The first three slides after the title slide are for online Zoom host to move attendees into breakout rooms.


WHQ Policy

All district-level speech contests are to be conducted only at the annual district conference. The decision to hold contests at the area and division level rests with the district executive committee. Contests must be conducted in the same manner for all areas and divisions within the district. For those districts that decide to conduct additional contests, those contests must originate at the club level and proceed through the area, division and district levels. To reiterate: district-level contests are only to be held during the annual district conference.

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