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Online Meeting Information

Please bookmark this page since updates are posted constantly.


This page will be a repository for how to run online club meetings. We believe this is a new reality for communicating across many industries, so practicing within our clubs should be valuable. We hope clubs will embrace these ideas to reduce our ‘social distance’. We’re here to help.


Club Training

Gretchen Vaughn is hosting a Zoom webinar entitled ‘Simple tips for fun and successful online club meetings‘ on Saturday March 21, 2020 at 1pm. Details may be found in our calendar.

Having a Toastmasters meeting online isn’t rocket science. Nor should it be!

Toastmasters clubs around the globe have had their very first online meetings in just the past week—and even had fun together despite the bumpy ride.

Meeting online is still the same Toastmasters you know and love. But puzzling out the logistics of the Timer role or audience evaluations can stump even the most intrepid of double DTMs for hours.

Fortunately, we have several District 26 members with backgrounds in the best practices of virtual meetings, as well as one who was a Charter Member of the very first online-only club (back in the dark ages of March 2016).

These explorers have come together quite literally overnight to lead this webinar with a presentation that answers your FAQs, followed by a Q&A for the questions they didn’t know to answer yet.

Although we may feel like we’re stranded on different planets right now, conducting online meetings is much easier than getting to Mars (or curing Covid-19, whichever comes first).

Seating is limited to first 300 attendees, but will be recorded and posted later.

Watch entire 88 min video replay



eCourse : Moving Meetings Online, Caroline McColluch (website)

How to Hold Toastmasters Meetings and Contests Online, District 4 (website)

How to set up online meetings in easy-Speak, rev 3-24-20 (PDF)

Quick Start Guide to Moving Your Toastmasters Club Meeting Online, Roger Fung (website)



Toastmasters International offers these magazine articles:

Online Connection, Dec 2016



New Club Incentive (Expired)

The District is offering an immediate club incentive to help transition your online by April 30, 2020. Longer-term, each club will be responsible for their online meetings. Some corporations already provide a Pro-level service, so may not need this incentive.

Each active club may collect $100 Amazon eGift card if:

  • The club President emails our Recognition Chair, Kim Angell, at
  • Provide your name, club name and number so Kim can verify
  • Include statement that incentive will be used for purchasing online meeting equipment (like webcams or headsets) and/or monthly service fees (like Zoom, etc).
  • Provide date when 1st club meeting will be conducted entirely online
  • Then, Kim will email you eGift card information


Pathways Project

We are confident you will learn more by completing these Pathways electives:

  • Level 3 ‘Using Presentation Software’
  • Level 4 ‘Manage Online Meetings’

Please contact our Pathways Advisor, Susie Overton, at with any questions.



Zoom Software


District 26 has selected Zoom as its preferred online meeting software.

Adding virtual background colors

Toastmasters International Zoom Backgrounds – official backgrounds for use with Zoom meetings – meeting backgrounds and timer backgrounds.

Timer Online Directions Document (Requires desktop zoom – Windows or Mac)

Other online meeting software

  •  Please note, District 26 does not specifically recommend any of these solutions. You may find additional information on this Web Conferencing Apps page.
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