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Speakers Bureau

Be sincere, be brief, be seated. – Franklin D. Roosevelt, on speechmaking

Join the Toastmasters Speaker’s Bureau

If you’re looking for opportunities to speak to audiences outside of Toastmasters club meetings and events, you have found the right place!

Hundreds of organizations in our district seek speakers every week. The District 26 Speakers’ Bureau provides easy access to a directory of our own enthusiastic, experienced, and interesting speakers to fill that demand.

The Speaker’s Bureau serves active Toastmaster members looking for ways to expand their speaking engagements outside of Toastmasters. If you’re looking for additional opportunities to speak within Toastmasters, such as becoming a test speaker, practicing at other clubs, etc., get it touch with the Program Quality Director.

Why Join?

You enjoy meeting new people


You find informing and inspiring audiences rewarding


You want to become a professional speaker or trainer


You would like more opportunities to speak to audiences about topics that you have expertise or are concerned about


You joined Toastmasters and you are ready to expand beyond your comfort zone


You have a burning desire to share your story


You enjoy sharing and have expertise in an important message and are interested in making a difference


You feel ready to take your speaking experience to a higher level



All current members of Toastmasters qualify for their own listing on the Speakers’ Bureau.
If you actively volunteer to speak at your club and visit other clubs to get more speaking opportunities, you have the desire. If manual speeches at your Toastmasters club seem easy, you have the confidence. If you have a 20-30-minute speech ready to go, you have the material. If you seek opportunities to leave the comfort and safety of your Toastmasters club, you have the attitude. Go ahead and submit your profile!

More Information

The Speakers Bureau volunteers can help you with any questions.  The Committee can be reached at Further, if you’d like more information about the Speakers’ Bureau and how it can help you get more exposure as a professional speaker.

How to Join

If you are looking for opportunities to raise your credibility and visibility as a speaker outside of Toastmasters club meetings and events, then create a profile in the Speakers’ Bureau Directory by filling out this form

To make it easy to create your profile, gather the following information before adding your listing:


Phone (recommended & not required)



Photo: A professional looking headshot 185 x 185 pixel .jpeg or .png



Introduction: A concise (up to 50 words) bio telling us about you and your expertise, carefully worded to entice a potential client.



Title of 1- 3 of your 30 minute Presentations



Subject areas you speak about



Contact information: Phones, E-mail, Website(s), Blog(s).



Speech topic information, including title, description, duration, keywords


Keep in mind that an incomplete profile may cause an event planner to pass you up. If you have everything ready before you start the process, you will create a complete profile and have the best chance of getting noticed by someone looking for your expertise.

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