District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska
District Recognition
District Recognition Reports

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There is cause for celebration!

Many members, clubs, and leaders have gone above and beyond in their service to the organization. Their contributions were recognized by the District to identify deserving recipients.

Below is a list of awards for individuals and clubs that exemplified certain criteria currently and in our past years.

2023-2024 District 26 Leadership Team

Trio + 4

District Director    Ann Hill, DTM

Program Quality Director    James Gable, PI5

Club Growth Director    Ruth Prentice, DTM

Immediate Past District Director  JP Bachmann, DTM

Public Relations Manager    Mary Hoftiezer, PM5

Finance Manager     Diane Nuss, DTM

Administration Manager     Deborah Horowitz, DTM

2022-2023 District 26 Leadership Team

Trio + 1

District Director    JP Bachmann, DTM

Program Quality Director    Ann Hill, DTM

Club Growth Director    James Gable, IP5

Immediate Past District Director  Victoria Cox, DTM

2021-2022 District 26 Leadership Team

Trio + 1

District Director    Victoria Cox, DTM

Program Quality Director    JP Bachmann, DTM

Club Growth Director    Ann Hill, DTM

Immediate Past District Director    Jacqueline Smith, DTM

2020-2021 District 26 Leadership Team

Trio + 1

District Director    Jacqueline Smith, DTM

Program Quality Director    Victoria Cox, DTM

Club Growth Director    Jeff Ruiz, DTM

Immediate Past District Director    Mike Akins, DTM

Press Release

Send out press releases often as only a small number ever make it to print. Be certain you have included correct contact information and don’t be concerned with follow-up. The editor will call you if necessary. There are countless ways to get your club in the news. You are limited only by your imagination. Read The Power of Publicity

If you need Sample Press Releases they are listed HERE at Toastmasters International

If you are looking for D26 Toastmasters Publication Guidelines

Toastmaster of the Year

If you know of a toastmaster that has been awarded not on this list, please send us the info we can share it district-wide.

Previous District 26 Toastmasters of the Year

1971-72    Dick Land

1972-73    Dick Milne

1975-76    Betty Kalmas

1976-77    Lou Garone

1977-78    William Lewis

1978-79    Flo Servin

1979-80    Jack Kimble

1980-81    William Lewis

1981-82    Dick Milne

1982-83    William Lewis

1983-84    Ann Carney

1984-85    Dorothy Chapman

1985-86    Anne Thompson

1986-87    Ada Chen

1987-88    Beth Matzek Boaz

1988-89    Nicholas Peterson

1989-90    James Dunaway

1990-91    Daniel Saxton

1991-92    Shirley E. Davis

1992-93    Sue Chichester

1993-94    Ed Seely

1994-95    Jack Sawatzki

1995-96    Robin Roberts

1996-97    Ledema Renfrow

1997-98    Steven Needler

1998-99    Ed Cox

1999-00    Gloria Kemp

2000-01    Phil Winkler

2001-02    Gary J. Thompson

2002-03    Dala French Griffin

2003-04    Leah Bratton

2004-05    Brenda Penn

2005-06    Gordon Savage

2006-07    Francis Scott

2007-08    Ken Beazer

2008-09    Joyce Feustel

2009-10    Hugh Curley

2010-11    Alexander Pyle

2011-12    Yvonne Bryant

2012-13    Kathy Schneebeck Dulnoan

2013-14    Tom Marrs

2014-15    Alan Swartz

2015-16    Tina Hubis

2016-17    Penny Alleman

2017-18    Trixie Hunter-Merrill

2018-19     Linda Rhea

2019-20    Kimberly Angell

2020-21    A.J. Herran

2021-22    Ann Hill

2022-23    Rich Hopkins


Division Director of the Year

If you know of a  toastmaster that has been awarded, not on here please send us the info so we can share it district-wide.

Previous Division Governors/Directors of the Year

1989-90    Dwayne Roberts

1990-91    Dwayne Roberts

1991-92    Dee Adams

1992-93    Pat Spotanski

1993-94    Catherine Maul

1994-95    Shirley Davis

1995-96    Joaquin Melendez

1996-97    Karen Spencer

1997-98    Sharon Heck

1998-99    Ed Cox

1999-00    Gloria Aragon

2000-01    Jim Fritts

2001-02    Fred Aring

2002-03    John Barnes

2003-04    Windy Milner

2004-05    Gavin Kirton

2005-06    Jarrett Roberts

2006-07    Molly Nelson

2007-08    Michelle Bires

2008-09    Genisi Sedlmayer

2009-10    Hugh Curley

2010-11    Tom Hobbs

2011-12    Elaine Love

Ed Morgan

2012-13    Paula Cowen

Deborah Frauenfelder

2013-14    Marcy Brack

2014-15    Stephanie Jensen

Rhea Thompson

2015-16    Gregory Harris

2016-17    Clare Kennelley

2017-18    Victoria Cox

2018-19     Sarah Beasley

2019-20    Bonnie Ann Smith

2020-21    Stephanie Prochaska

2021-22     Keith Horowitz

2022-23     Ruth Prentice

Area Director of the Year

If you know of a  toastmaster that has been awarded, not on here please send us the info so we can share it district-wide.

Previous Area Directors of the Year

2020-21    Nancy Winston

Distinguished District Years

2000-2001DG Jack Roath/54.81 pts Distinguished Clubs

2002-2003DG Nancy Swartz/46.49 pts Distinguished Clubs

2004-2005DG John Barnes/59.62 pts Distinguished Clubs

2007-2008Dana Morgan/47.98 Distinguished Clubs

2008-2009DG Bob Baxter/58.40 Distinguished Clubs

2014-2015DG Linda Rhea/46.99% Distinguished Clubs

2016-2017DD Darryle Brown, DTM / 49.45% Distinguished Clubs

Hall of Fame Past Programs


Past District Directors/Governors

Past District 26 Governors/Directors

Please note that in July 2015 the title of District Director, District 26 replaced the title of District Governor, District 26. Those who served as District Governor may prefer being acknowledged as such.

Year         Name

1948-49    Gordon Merrick

1949-50    Maurice Peterson

1950-51    Dr. John Rosnick

1951-52    Dr. Ben Sturges

1952-53    Q. R. Dugan

1953-54    Cliff Smith

1954-55    Leo Bolin

1955-56    Hal Carper

1956-57    Tony Lemback

1957-58    Melvin Jahara

1958-59    Oliver Deckert

1959-60    Leslie Ward

1960-61    Frank Krasovic

1961-62    Ray McGavin

1962-63    Don Wagner

1963-64    Glenn McQuillan

1964-65    Don Paape

1965-66    Sam Harper

1966-67    Dale Gregory

1967-68    Phil Hatch

1968-69    Kenneth Gary

1969-70    Watt Pye

1970-71    Ralph Fowler

1971-72    Paul Hendren

1972-73    Dick Milne

1973-74    Dean Kleinkopf

1974-75    Gene Gunther

1975-76    Marilyn Boland

1976-77    William Lewis

1977-78    Norm Dominquez

1978-79    Jack Nemmers

1979-80    Gersohn Cohn

1980-81    Judy Ellis

1981-82    Cecilia Cohn

1982-83    Chris Morton

1983-84    Liz Sittner

1984-85    Vince Daal

1985-86    Ralph Reiser

1986-87    Nancy Parks

1987-88    Irwin Selig

1988-89    Dorothy Chapman

1989-90    Roberta Sevey

1990-91    Joseph Barrows

1991-92    Edward Seely

1992-93    Dwayne Roberts

1993-94    Tina Hubis

1994-95    Dennis Fodness

1995-96    Beth Boaz

1996-97    Catherine Maul

1997-98    Judy Rose

1998-99    Bob Case

1999-20    Dick Dawes

2000-01    Jack L. Roath

2001-02    Judy Ragland Lloyd

2002-03    Nancy P. Swartz

2003-04    Joan Rhoads

2004-05    John R. Barnes

2005-06    Joyce Feustel

2006-07    J. Randy Penn

2007-08    Dana Morgan

2008-09    Bob Baxter

2009-10    Alan Swartz

2010-11    Julia K. Davis

2011-12    Norman Frickey

2012-13    Bea Garcia Macliz

2013-14    Tom Hobbs

2014-15    Linda Rhea

2015-16    Deborah Frauenfelder

2016-17    Darryle Brown

2017-18    Rhea Thompson

2018-19    Marcia Wood

2019-20    Mike Akins

2020-21     Jacqueline L. Smith

2021-22     Victoria Cox

2022-23     JP Bachmann

2023-24   Ann Hill

Excellence in Program Quality

2015-2016 PQD Darryle Brown, DTM

2016-2017 PQD Rhea Thompson, DTM

2017-2018 PQD Marcia L. Wood, DTM

Excellence in Club Growth

2016-17   CGD Marcia L. Wood, DTM

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