District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska


The greater the loyalty of the group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals.
District 26 has used the international brand refresh as the catalyst to raise the bar and expand our training to include all forms of communication. We believe that in going beyond public speaking to promote effective oral communication, leadership skills, and use of social media, we will reach a wider audience and develop a more professional image and performance. We urge all clubs to post a link on their website that will take members directly to the District 26 Dialogue and the D26 website.
If clubs are to thrive, every member must take an active role in promoting Toastmasters. Review the marketing resources above and share your own ideas and success stories with the district.

Recognition Program Update

Recognition programs have been established by Toastmasters International for all levels: Club, Area, Division, and District. The recognition programs are describe in the Club Leadership Handbook, and the District Leadership Handbook found on Throughout the year, you can check on the progress and status of your clubs, areas, divisiosn and District 26 on the Toastmasters Dashboard.

Improved Login Webpage

To make logging into the Toastmasters International website easier, the webpage has been enhanced. Now you can recover your password easier and log in with either your email address or User Name. A new “Keep me logged in” option will remember your login information from your personal computer for three months.

Toastmaster Magazine and Leader Letter

The Toastmaster Magazine, the monthly magazine for communicators and leaders,  is only available digitally.  Members receive an email on the first of each month letting them know when the magazine is available.

Another monthly resource for leaders and members is  the  newest edition of The Leader Letter, with Club News and District News.  It is also delivered digitally.

Features found in the Leader Letter are:

  • Actions to Take
  • Deadlines to Meet
  • Resources to Use
  • Articles to Read
  • From the Organization to You
  • Good to Know
Our members come from a wide range of interesting cultures, areas and regions. To find out more, check out our Region Maps on
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