District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

As we close out this year, we need to remind everyone of a couple of housekeeping items.

  1. Update the new club officers on the website so when they attend training, your club can get the deserved credit.
  2. Make sure that all officer and club members are registered in Pathways.

This last year has been rough on all levels, members, clubs, officers, managers, and directors.

We are going to continue to move forward this upcoming Toastmasters year.

The new Trio will be sharing their goals for the 2021-2022 year with each and everyone in District 26. We will encourage everyone to set their own personal goals, and club goals. Our new Area Directors will be sharing their goals which will help the Division Directors with setting their own goals for each division. We are all in this together and we will all succeed together as we start to a new phase of Hybrid meetings while still holding Online meetings.

For us to help you with your goals, we need to hear from you. Toastmasters teaches us that feedback is important because it shows where we are doing well and where improvement is needed.

I am challenging all members to be open to feedback so we can all grow together this upcoming year.

I am very honored to be able to continue my leadership growth next year, as your District Director.

Thank you for giving 100%.

Victoria Cox
Program Quality Director

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