District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

We still have several months left in this Toastmasters year to reach club/area/division and district goals. We all have a part in reaching the top.

Clubs – Please review your current education credits and what you need to reach that goal. I would also ask that you make sure that all your members on using the Pathways educational program, we have 35% of new members not in the program (what are they doing?). Here are some links for you to share to individuals or even show at a club meeting.

I have updated all the officer club training credit. If you feel there something was not recorded correctly, please get back to me before month end as I have a limited amount of time to make changes.

Please schedule a board meeting so the officers can discuss one last open house to increase membership. One idea is to reach out to past members and discuss how easy it is to attend meetings via zoom. 

Areas – Check the status of your clubs and reach out and see how you can assist them in reaching a specific goal. If you have not already this year, create one zoom meeting and invite all the club officers so they can share ideas on successes that they have used to create a stronger club.

Divisions – See how you can assist your area directors in reaching their goals and this in turn will help you reach yours.

Thank you for all you have done this year and keep pushing on, let’s finish the race stronger than we started.

Victoria Cox, DTM
Program Quality Director

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