District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

District Officer Nominations

District Leadership Committee (DLC) Report for 2024-2025 (View PDF – Click Here)


According to Toastmasters Protocol 9.0, District Campaigns and Elections, the District Leadership Committee (DLC)  is required to nominate at least two (2) candidates for the office of Club Growth Director and one (1) candidate for all other elected District positions

 Nominations are closed for all elected positions.  

 The District Council Meeting and election will be held, Virtually on  Saturday, April 20th.   Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education and the District Executive Committee are invited to pre-register here to attend Saturday’s meeting by Friday, April 19th at 5PM.  This ensures that you will receive the email ballots for the election and the 2024-25 alignment.  A reminder to register with the email that you will have access to on Saturday.  

2024 – 2025 District Leader Candidates

James Gable, DTM

Candidate for District Director

I love the opportunities that Toastmasters has provided me. I want to give back to the organization as well as support and be a part of giving opportunities to others so I can see them grow.

Ruth Prentice, DTM 

Candidate for Program Quality Director


Two words come to mind: passion and gratitude. Toastmasters provides incredible opportunities for personal growth. I am grateful to my many TM mentors for supporting me and placing their confidence in me. I want to continue to learn from them and help others succeed personally and professionally.

Kimberly Angell  Candidate for Club Growth Director

I enjoy training others on roles that I have participated in within the club and district setting. I look to become a resource that is invaluable during my service as Club Growth Director and beyond.

Anoop Bhojraj  Candidate for Club Growth Director


As a district leader, I will be able to serve and share my expertise and knowledge to develop new leaders in Toastmasters and thereby help Toastmasters to increase their footprint in D26.

Candidates for Division Director

Irene Valenzuela


I have been a Toastmaster since October 2019. In that time, Toastmasters saw me through the pandemic and into a season of my life that is full of enrichment and growth. Toastmasters is where I have learned to improve my speaking and leadership skills, to better communicate with my husband, and to be a better mother to our son. I want to give back and share what I’ve learned. I especially want to help grow our District back to pre-pandemic numbers.

Terry Ploski, DTM


Allow members to identify potential and take SMART steps to overcome failure and obstacles to achieve personal and professional success…

Greg Howell


I believe in the mission of District 26 and want to be a part of leading the district to success and excellence. I consider myself to be a servant leader (I was asked so I am happy to serve).


Northern Division

Membership is a challenge for many of the clubs in our District. Helping clubs find creative ways to overcome this challenge through social media use, events and training/education would be a major objective. I believe that another challenge is getting members to step up into leadership roles.



I want to serve our southern division Toastmasters and their clubs to help them accomplish their personal and professional goals. I look forward to leveraging the coach approach I use in my business to partner with clubs to help them dream again, and realize how Toastmasters can accelerate accomplishing the stretch goals.



To me, our noble purpose is to help each other find our own voices. Empowering people to advocate for themselves and for those they care about requires speaking and leadership skills, which are shareable. I want to benefit from one of the best leadership training models to help myself, my family, and my community learn and then share those skills.

Elected District Leadership Positions

Elected positions include any of the seven Division Director positions, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director and District Director (as shown below).

Candidates must meet all qualifications and submit all completed forms to be rendered eligible for nomination.

The Elected Positions are as follows:


Executive Leadership (aka The Trio)

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director

Senior Level Leadership

  • Denver Division Director
  • Eastern Division Director
  • Foothills Division Director
  • Metro Division Director
  • Northern Division Director
  • Southern Division Director
  • Urban Division Director

Appointed (Non-Elected) District Leadership Positions

These awesome District Leaders have a passion for Toastmasters. They volunteer their time and skills to help District 26 achieve the mission. The incoming District Director will appoint people to these positions.

Would you like to help?

  • Public Relations Manager – DTM credit – when appointed  before September 1st
  • Administration Manager – DTM credit — when appointed before September 1st
  • Finance Manager – DTM credit — when appointed before September 1st
  • Area Director – DTM credit — when appointed before September 1st
  • Logistics Manager — DTM credit is not given


District Leader Responsibilities
Uphold the governing documents of Toastmasters International
Foster an atmosphere of enjoyment, teamwork and dedication in the spirit of learning, growing and achieving.
Work to fulfill the district mission
Strive to achieve recognition in the Distinguished District Program.
Prepare your successor to assume office.
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