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District Annual Conference

2021 conference dates are 4/30/21 – 5/1/21.

The conference will be virtual.


This Year’s Theme:  Identify | Choose | Design

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Paul Artale, PhD, DTM, AS

Dr. Paul Artale, DTM, AS is a motivational speaker, author, and trainer who works with companies who want to supercharge employee performance by understanding employee needs and leveraging their strengths. Paul’s research focuses on the positive impact workplace flexibility has on employee engagement, retention, and performance. Paul is the author of “The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance” and “Power Step: How to Start Living Life on Your Terms.” Paul’s signature keynote “Hit Hard: 3 Must-Have Mindsets to Break Through Adversity” tells the story of how despite being born with physical challenges, Paul was able to achieve his dream of playing college football. Hit Hard shares the mindsets needed to break through barriers. As a Toastmaster Paul earned the prestigious Accredited Speaker Designation and is a 2-time semi-finalist in the world championship of public speaking.

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KEYNOTE: “Hit Hard: 3 Must-Have Mindsets to Break Through Adversity”
What obstacle is keeping you from greatness? What tools do you need to get the next level? Paul Artale, DTM, was born with what some people would consider a physical disability. As a child Paul dreamed of playing college football for the University of Toronto. Hit Hard tells Paul’s story of overcoming his challenges to achieve this dream and in doing so, shares 3 essential mindsets people can use to breakthrough challenges in their lives and that companies can use to create high performing teams. Participants will:

  • Learn how to leverage their strengths
  • Understand the crucial three step formula needed to overcome adversity
  • Identify opportunities
  • Create systems that will lead to success and growth

Connect with Paul:
Fiercely Successful Podcast
Instagram: Paul_Artale

To add any questions or comments for Paul to incorporate into his speech, view the video on YouTube

Educational Breakout Sessions 1

The conference theme is:  Identify | Choose | Design. These sessions are centered on Identify & Choose.

1A: Robert Kittridge, “We are born perfect, and conditioned for failure”

We are born perfect, whole and complete, resourced in every way for our success. HOWEVER, WE ARE CONDITIONED FOR FAILURE. In this session, Robert will discuss how our conditioning may be sabotaging our success.

Robert Kittridge has inherent gifts of intuitive intelligence, sensitivity, and inspired communication, which has led him to be recognized as an influential mentor, coach, trainer, and speaker. His 30 years of fire service prepared him for his outstanding coaching career incorporating his people, crisis management, and communication skills. He has an innate ability to cut to the heart of someone’s core issues, either personally or with leadership and team development while exuding the caring and support his clients need.

1B: Deborah Frauenfelder & Meredith Myers, “Get Booked to Speak!”

Together, Deborah and Meredith will unfold a blueprint for a speaking business plan, detailing the essential building blocks (goals, message, target market) and resources to help you get started. Please welcome Deborah Frauenfelder and Meredith Myers as they facilitate “Get Booked to Speak.”

Past District Director, Deborah Frauenfelder, held leadership positions in non-profits, corporations, and government agencies. Deborah tutored fellow students while in college; taught community college classes in project management, operating systems, and mathematics; and taught senior citizens computer skills. She once owned a business offering computer training. Deborah knows how to get booked.

Meredith Myers is a business coach and strategist, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs experience substantial growth and new awareness. She believes the key to success in both business and life is to get crystal-clear on priorities and to establish a plan that achieves them. Her insights will help get you booked!


1C: Susie Overton,  “Reflection: Leadership in Pathways”

Focus will be:

  1. Understanding leadership projects across the learning experience to accomplish personal goals
  2. Awareness of opportunities available to fulfill Pathways projects and
  3. Self-reflection inside the experience to build personal competency

Susie Overton served as the Pathways Advisor for District 26 in 2019. She has been a Toastmaster for 7 years, is a member of Toast of Inverness and DTC Speaks Toastmasters and has held officer positions in both clubs. Susie served as a Pathway’s Guide and Ambassador when the program was launched in 2017. She is passionate about the educational learning experience in Toastmasters and sharing what she knows with others. She has completed Level 5 in Motivational Strategies and Presentation Mastery.

Educational Breakout Sessions 2

The conference theme is:  Identify | Choose | Design. These sessions are centered on Design.

2A: Jamia Wells-Palmer, “Success by Design”

Failure doesn’t happen by accident, nor does success. You have an opportunity to design your results. Get ready to be equipped and empowered to create the success you desire and deserve!

Mimi the Motivator is the modern-day Master Teacher, a dynamic speaker, and holistic coach who empowers all to create the life and business desired. Your favorite motivator’s favorite motivator, host of Get High On Motivation, is on mission is to educate, empower and equip the minority community through her platforms of self-education, holistic health and Ancient Technology.

2B: Nancy Winston, “What Can You Get Out of Toastmasters?”

Goal setting enables a person to be proactive about what he/she wants to achieve. In this session the participants will be challenged to goals to determine how these can be complementary. In addition, participants will discover how the DTM program is a powerful tool for achieving all goals.

Nancy has been in Toastmasters since 1980. She joined in order to improve her ability to speak extemporaneously. But she stayed for the education, leadership and camaraderie. She has served in district leadership many times and is a past district governor. During her many years of Toastmasters, she has achieved 3 DTM’s and is currently working on her fourth in Pathways. She is excited that she has completed two of the eleven paths and is currently working through 2 others.

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 Annual Conference Meeting Agenda

Identify | Choose | Design

(all times are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

Friday, April 30

  • 4:30pm First Timers Gathering
  • 5:00pm Social Gathering
  • 5:30pm Opening/Introduction of Dignitaries
  • 6:15pm Keynote, Paul Artale
  • 7:15pm Break
  • 7:30pm Tall Tales Contest


Saturday, May 1

  • 8:00am Opening/Club Banners (Pledge of Allegiance, Introduction of Dignitaries)
  • 8:30am Keynote, Paul Artale, “Hit Hard: 3 Must-Have Mindsets to Break Through Adversity”
  • 9:35am Break
  • 9:45-10:45am Educational Breakout Session 1 (pick 1A, 1B or 1C)
  • 10:55-11:55am Educational Breakout Session 2 (pick 2A or 2B)
  • 11:55am Distinguish Toastmaster Recognition
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:30-2:30pm Candidate Showcase
  • 3:00-5:00pm Business Meeting (a separate Zoom link will be sent to District Council Members)*
  • 6:00pm Dignitary Processional
  • 6:30pm Induction Ceremony
  • 6:45pm Break
  • 7:00pm International Speech Contest
  • 9:30pm Conference Adjourned

*Non-District Council members may watch a live stream of the meeting on Facebook.

Registration Is Now Open

Click here to register for the 2021 Annual District 26 Conference.

District Council Business Meeting

The District 26 virtual business meeting will commence in the afternoon on May 1, 2021 (appx. 3:00pm MT). Please attend to hear District leadership updates and vote on required items. If you are part of the District Council you should have received separate registration instructions. We will abide by these Toastmasters International guidelines.

Non-District Council members may watch a live stream of the meeting on Facebook.



Registration email has been sent to all District Council (DC) members. They are required to register by 5:00pm Thursday, 4/29/21 to allow Credentials chair, Beth Boaz, DTM time to review. She will email voting instructions to all valid DC members on 4/30/21. As a reminder, only District Council members have speaking privileges during the business meeting.

1. Quorum is determined by adding the Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education together
who have registered to attend virtually. Please note, District Executive Committee members do
not count toward quorum.
2. Quorum is one‐third of Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education registered.
3. Quorum will be determined by using the April 2021 dues renewal report.
4. Only registered Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education from “Verified Complete” clubs count towards quorum.

These Club members carry votes:

  • Club President – 1 vote
  • Club VP-Education – 1 vote
  • DEC member – 1 vote (defined as District, Program Quality, Club Growth, Division and Area Directors; Public Relations, Administration and Finance Managers)
  • No proxies are permitted during virtual meetings

Required Business Items

2021-2022 club alignment details are here:

2021-2022 District Officer details are here:

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