District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska

Club Officer Training

Club leaders are best served by consistent, professional training that supports the brand, enhances member experience, and helps them grow as leaders.

Congratulations on becoming a newly elected officer for your Toastmasters club. This is indeed an exciting and very rewarding journey. Here is an opportunity for you learn more about your particular office, as well as learn from very knowledgeable Toastmasters colleagues.
We offer four major Toastmasters Leadership Institutes (TLIs) to train club officers. However, the reality is that all club officers cannot attend them, so we also offer smaller Club Officer Trainings (COTs). Though the training is specific to club officers, all Toastmasters are invited to attend to learn about the various roles.
The club officer training periods are:
  • Period 1: June 1 – August 31
  • Period 2: December 1 – February 28 (or 29)
  • At least four officers must be trained each period to earn DCP goal #9 credit.

If you would like more information regarding dates, times and locations for TLIs and COTs, please visit the D26 calendar at If you are a district officer planning a TLI and/or COT, please review the 2020-2021 D26 COT Guidelines.

Please refer to the Club Officer Handbook – downloadable PDF


Post Training

Submit Attendance sheets, within 7 days, to the PQD for recording Club Officers trained.

Toastmasters Dashboard report – DCP goal #9 should match current Club Officer Training Report below.

  • June 1 – August 31 Training Period, changes accepted until November 30th
  • December 1 – February 28 (or 29) Training Period, changes accepted until May 31st

Post Training

The latest club officers trained may be found here: Toastmasters International -District Club Officer Training

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