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What will it take to get guests in the door? How about an engraved invitation? While that might work, it is probably not the best approach. A key part of getting guests is to be inviting, in all senses of the word.


Make sure your meetings are well planned, regular, and organized.

Even if attendance is low, make sure roles are filled and the meeting is energetic. Even if there are only a few people, fill the room with the energy for 12, 14, 20 people or more! The energy in the room will invite others to take part. Members will leave excited and want to share with others. Guests that visit will want to take part.


Your club website is its calling card. Many guests start from the International website, and find clubs in their area.

  • Pictures: You want an attractive page, with recent pictures. Try to add lots of pictures of members having a good time.
  • Schedule: Make sure meetings are listed on the schedule and calendar page.
  • Location: Location, location – directions needs to be clear and specific. Don’t lose a guest to uncertainty of missing finding your room.
  • Members: Encourage your members to make a version of their profile public. This will give the curious visitor a connection to an active club.


Facebook can be a great avenue for connecting with guests. Make sure your club has an active Facebook page.

  • Pictures: Post the pictures here too! Tag members. Add positive, interesting titles.
  • Event: Plan a special meeting – often! Determine the theme and speech topics. Give a reason for people to attend. Post it as an event on the club’s Facebook page. Have members click attend AND share the event on their own page. This will make it show to friends, and come up with automatic reminders to their friends. Challenge them to invite some of their friends. Make it a competition in the club to see who can bring more guests.
  • Respond: To messages.


See if the neighborhoods around the meeting site have Facebook pages.
Find out about a Facebook page for your town, city, and region.
Check out the web site.


Keep in your heart the invitation to self-improvement that comes with being part of Toastmasters.

keithKeith Horowitz

Public Relations Manager


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