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WHQ releases new banner…

Eight years ago!

I would like to draw your attention to an important branding topic: club banners. In an attempt to bring all clubs up to WHQ’s standards regarding banner usage, the District offered many incentives last year to purchase them. According to Marcia Wood’s records, the District provided seven complimentary banners!

This simple paragraph in the recent Leader Letter dated 10/3/19 may have gone unnoticed.

Help Strengthen the Toastmasters Brand – On October 3, amendments will go into effect for Policy 4.0: Intellectual Property. The reasons behind the changes are simple: We want to present a single brand identity to anyone who visits a club. A new section on Brand Standards will make the guidelines for brand usage clearer for clubs and districts.

Based on our Trio training and discussions, I will elaborate on the consequences WHQ has placed into section 4.0.2.B (emphasis is mine):

  • d) A previous version of a Toastmasters banner may be displayed at a Toastmasters event as long as the most currently branded version of the banner is more prominently displayed.
  • e) When photos are posted on social media of any Toastmasters event where banners are displayed, a previous version of a Toastmasters banner shall only be shown if the most currently branded version of the banner is more prominently shown.

Which culminates in section C:

Misuse of brand elements is prohibited and may result in removal from good standing of an individual member, revocation of a club charter, removal of an officer at any level, or other disciplinary or legal action. 

Clubs, please display the current banner to avoid any issues. We must present a consistent Toastmasters brand throughout the District and world. The latest design was released during the 2011 rebranding, eight years ago! You may order a banner at this WHQ shop page. If interested in a new carrying bag or inexpensive stand, please go to my Talking Ideas club page.

Thanks for your attention to this important branding matter.

Mike Akins, DTM

District 26 Director 2019/2020

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