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I am excited to be back in my role as Public Relations Manager. I am even more excited to be in this role because the current pandemic has forced a lot of us to be online. As a Web and Social Media Strategist for 20+ years, these kind of obstacles are opportunities for us all!

Because of the new ways we are doing things, we are more often using virtual platforms on a daily basis. I find that challenge exciting, and I’m happy to announce TWO great PR events coming your way!

PR Webinars

The first is our PR Webinars! I will be holding a monthly PR Webinar the third Thursday of each month (unless it runs into another event).







Topics will include in the order they appear below:

  • Where to start as a VPPR
  • How to gain virtual visitors
  • Buffer Training for your club
  • Social Media Strategy for Clubs
  • How to create and utilize Press Releases
  • How to Use Facebook for your club
  • How to use Canva for your club
  • Instagram for your club
  • Club Newsletter training
  • More to come (email me if there is something missing from this list you would like to learn)

The webinars are open to all VPPRs and any who wish to learn more about the PR side of things.

You must register for EACH month you desire to attend. To register click HERE

Virtual Networking

The other great new event we are trying is Virtual Networking. Register Here for Virtual Networking

Networking creates a great opportunity for Toastmasters to share themselves and to help others in their community! Your assistance will allow us to reach a wider audience of potential members by focusing on these network events in your local area. After the event is complete, you will have the skills to host your own network event on a regular basis if you choose.

In my year following Marietta, I branched out the networking to various areas giving each area or division a chance to invite guests and promote Toastmaster Clubs. Now we have an exciting new opportunity to try our hand at Virtual Networking! Following the same methodology I used in my previous Public Relations Manger years, each Division will have a chance to be a sponsor for the virtual networking event. (However, Denver, Metro and Urban will most likely need to be combined.)

For more information on the Virtual Network Event sponsored by Northern Division check out these links:

Register HERE for Virtual Networking




See you on the Virtual Side!!

Trixie Hunter-Merrill

Public Relations Manager 2020-2021 (2018-2019)

District 26 Toastmasters

~The idea is not to live forever but create a legacy that will

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