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So you are VP Membership . . . now what should you do?


I have been VP Membership over six years in four different clubs. Here are 12 essential practices that I have developed over the years.

  1. Do your homework. Read Club Leadership Handbook, The Navigator and go through all the tutorials in Pathways under Navigating Base Camp
  2. Record visitor contact information – whether you are present or not
  3. Develop a Visitor Folder: TM magazine, membership application, list of Paths
  4. Invite visitors to speak before and after the meeting
  5. Assign a member to sit with each visitor and coach them through the meeting
  6. Invite visitors to join but let them know there is no pressure
  7. Follow up with email, phone call or letter – thank them for coming, mention something they did, features/benefits of TM, invite them back, “feel free to contact me with any questions”
  8. Help them fill out application – train every member to do this! PROCESS APPLICATION IMMEDIATELY
  9. Always vote new members in, have some kind of welcoming ceremony. Develop a New Member Folder: Ice Breaker Project, Pathways Paths and Projects, start up info on Pathways, meeting roles, officer duties. Ensure a mentor is assigned and their Icebreaker is scheduled within first few weeks
  10. Recognize members achieving educational awards with some type of ceremony
  11. Periodically invite former visitors to return – always invite to special occasions
  12. Have Fun! Make it Fun!


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