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Being an identical twin is one of the most precious gifts I’ve had bestowed upon me.

Who wouldn’t want to know their real-life doppelgänger? Growing up, I never really needed to communicate with anyone else other than my twin. Just imagine having your best friend with you all of the time since birth. You wouldn’t want to communicate with anyone else either! We even had a secret twin language.

Transitioning into the professional world was more difficult than I thought: I mean, why didn’t people just know what I was thinking all of the time?

I didn’t even realize that I was leaving out words and even sentences from my thoughts when speaking to people.

I decided to join Toastmasters to become more aware of my shortcomings in communication, but also to feel more confident in speaking with, and in front of people in general. I was scared to death to do even that!

I am so passionate about Toastmasters because it has helped me become a more confident and skilled communicator in this fast-paced, selfie-loving, computer-centric, smaller and more digitally connected world. I believe that now, more than ever, is the time for all of us to bring our skills to the table and share what we already know about communication.  We need to begin to explore new ways to communicate effectively in our ever-changing world.

My goal this year is to find more ways to unify the younger generation-communicators with the older generation-communicators by collaboration through social media.

Together, we can connect and truly make a Toastmasters difference in this world!

Jillian Gibson

D26 Social Media Chair, 2018/19
Columbine Communicators | VP of Public Relations, 2018


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