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Pathways Base Camp has a new look!

The one constant in our lives is change, right!

Wow! As Toastmasters, we have experienced a great deal of change recently. Now we can add to the list a new Base Camp page in our Pathways Learning Experience.

Toastmasters International has addressed the feedback received from many Toastmasters and revised this page with a more straight forward approach. In doing so, it simplifies many of the most used access points. I thought it might be helpful to point out a few important changes.

After log in on the site, clicking on your member name at the top of the page takes you to the “My Toastmaster’s Profile Page.” This is a members official record at Toastmasters and it is important to become familiar with this page. Selecting Go to Base Camp in the top left corner will open the Base Camp Page.

  1. The headings at the top of the page in the blue bar are accessible by hovering over the heading and waiting for the white drop down below. Clicking on the white drop down opens the window.
  2. Tapping on the Paths and Learning section bar will take a member directly to their transcript. This provides more direct access to the projects.
  3. The Speech Evaluation section provides easy access to any evaluation resource with in Pathways. These resources are also accessible in the Tutorials and Resource Section. In addition, the important How to Evaluate Tutorial is located here and in the Tutorials and Resource section.
  4. The Tutorials and Resource Bar contains basic training tutorials accessed from the menu on the left. Project descriptions are available from this menu as well. Review these to understand Accessing your Path, Project Completion, Level Completion, etc.

We encourage every member to take a few minutes to review all the sections in the Base Camp Page Video. In doing so, you will enhance your own personal journey in Pathways and guide your fellow club members into a successful experience. Change always challenges us, but when challenged we experience the most growth, Right?

John Maxwell said “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.

Susie Overton
Pathways Advisor for Toastmasters District 26

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