District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

Can you believe it has been almost two years since Pathways launched as a new learning
experience in District 26 Toastmasters? Time flies! In just 6 months, the traditional program
will be archived into history books and we will only have Pathways as our educational

Toastmasters World Headquarters posted Pathways adoption rates as of 12/31/19, giving us
data to monitor our progress. On July 25th, 2019, District 26 had 63% of total membership
enrolled. Today the adoption rate stands at 76%. Thanks to the efforts of many creative,
dynamic club leaders we are making progress to our district goal of 80%.

More good news! 99 of the 183 clubs in our district hit the 80% incentive goal on 12/31/19
and will receive $80 gift cards! Congratulations! Those clubs are positioned for success and
those clubs who achieved this goal and also brought in new members are thriving clubs and an
example to all of us. What is the adoption rate in your club?

Topping the adoption list are three outstanding clubs with 100% enrollment – Bodyshops
Club, Rise ’n Shine Toastmasters and SouthGlenn Speakers. In addition to the highest
adoption, these clubs have also experienced good membership growth since July, 2019. It is
the tenacious attitude of leaders in these clubs that is notable. This “hands on,” “will do,”
“figure out a way,” approach to integrating long time Toastmasters and New Members into the
learning experience makes these clubs vibrant models of excellence!

What is ahead? One third of new members who joined after July 1st, 2019 are not enrolled in
Pathways. Only 64% of our new members are engaged. What can we do to ensure everyone
who joins our club gets to experience what we have learned ourselves? Pass it on.
Check out individual club adoption rates here.

Susie Overton
District 26 Pathways Advisor

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