District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

As leaders, we guide members forward into the future. Are we ready for for June 30th, 2020 when the Traditional Program ends? What strategies do we have in place to ensure our clubs are positioned for success?

Adoption rates can help us monitor how we are doing. What is the adoption rate in your area of responsibility? Current adoption rate data by club is now available daily under District Central at As of 11/10/19 District 26 has a 74.5% adoption rate and only a third of our clubs have total enrollment of 80% or greater.

To encourage adoption, (member enrolled with path selection) District Leadership will award $80 Walmart gift card to any club with a minimum of 80% adoption rate as of 12/31/19 and again on 5/31/20. Let me repeat! $80 gift card to Walmart if 80% adoption is achieved!

What can leaders do to prepare members?


  1. Dedicate one entire meeting to enrollment and/or training with support from a District Pathways Advisor.
  1. Designate a Pathways Advisor inside the club. In conjunction with VP of Education, this advisor is a club member devoted to orienting new members, ensuring members are enrolled and experiencing success.
  1. Develop a process providing an overview of Pathways for prospective members – reviewing important information links/ info about Path selection.
  1. Ensure each new member selects a path. New members are not enrolled unless they have taken the assessment and selected a path. As of 11/10/19 only 62% of new members in District 26 are enrolled in Pathways.

Divisions and Areas:

  1. Request Zoom Training Sessions to address needs of your clubs, either individually, or as a group of clubs in the area.
  2. Ensure an aspect of Pathways is included in all leadership training.

Pathways is the learning program of Toastmasters.

Leaders will take steps now to ensure enrollment. In just 5 minutes, the assessment can be taken and a path selected.

Myself and members of the Pathways Advisory Team are ready to provide support. Email me directly –[at] In addition, helpful resources are available on the district website

Are you ready? June 30, 2020 is coming fast.

What can you do to prepare your members, achieve a minimum of 80% adoption and ensure clubs receive the $80 gift card?


Susie Overton

D26 Pathways Advisor 2019-2020

ACB, ACL, MS4, and PM1

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