District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

We need to finish strong!!!

The last seven months have not been easy for several of us due to the pandemic and having to learn new skills in order to get the job completed. I want to thank everyone who has come out of their comfort zone.

We still have work to be done:

  1. Find out who is going to represent us in the International Speech Contest.
  2. Finish up the Club Area Reports so we can reach out to clubs when needed and share our knowledge with them.
  3. Continue to support the clubs by being a coach (if you need more information please reach out to Jeff Ruiz, Club Growth Director).
  4. Find out who needs help with Pathways so we can all grow in our education and continue to be better speakers, mentors and leaders.

One way you can give back is to become an Area Director and learn how to reach the clubs in your Area. There are so many of us that have skills we do not know exist and that is what Toastmasters is all about. Finding your strengths, building on them, and helping others find their strengths.

Toastmasters is the organization that will not fault you for your errors or lack of knowledge. Unlike in the business world, you will not be looked over because you might not have developed enough skills to fill a position. We want you to grow and learn at the same time.

Think about a role that you would like to hold next year so you can continue to expand yourself during this uncertain time we are living in.

You can help us finish stronger than we started.


Victoria Cox, DTM

Program Quality Director 2020-2021

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