District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

Greetings District 26,

September was a month dedicated to dues renewals.

While some clubs in the District still have some outstanding dues, more than half of the clubs submitted dues before that October 1st deadline, thanks in part to diligence of our Division and Area Directors.

One of the primary focuses this year is retention.

To that end, club coaches assist in retention efforts by assisting clubs with 1-12 members to achieve Distinguished status. I am happy to announce that 3 advanced Toastmasters were recently assigned as club coaches. Although no clubs chartered in September, as of the first week in October, two clubs are in line to process at WHQ.

What did happen in September and early October were successful kickoff meetings. What are kickoff meetings? Glad you asked. 

Kickoff meeting at Service Source in Denver

A kickoff meeting is an abbreviated meeting where a prospective group invites us in to conduct a Toastmasters meeting for their group. Kickoff meetings allow us to showcase our skills to prospective groups and convincingly move that group from prospective to club. Kickoff meetings are great ways to get in on the ground floor with a new club, especially if you are looking to become a sponsor or mentor.

Our most recent kickoff meeting occurred on October 4, 2018 for Service Source in downtown Denver where the prospective group had over 40 interested people.

Jacqueline L. Smith, MPA, ACG, ALB

Club Growth Director, 2018-2019

Toastmasters International, District 26

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