District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

With just under a month remaining in our fiscal year, I would like to draw your attention to our District 26 Distinguished clubs status.

As of 5/26/19 Dashboard report, congratulations goes to 51 clubs that have already earned Distinguished+ recognition! On a total and percentage basis, we have the most Distinguished+ clubs in our Region 4. Great work everyone.

One can find more information under the Club Performance tab. Each club can be viewed on a line-by-line basis to determine what’s outstanding.

My favorite reports this time of year are:

  • WHQ’s Additional report lists the ‘Almost Distinguished’ clubs with 4+ DCP goals submitted. I see that 11 clubs already have 5+ goals submitted, but only need 1-2 members to earn Distinguished+. Likewise, 8 clubs already have enough members but only need one more goal to earn Distinguished+. That makes 19 clubs which are very close!
  • George Marshall’s TmTools ‘Almost Distinguished’ report list is similar but uses a tighter filter. It shows 13 clubs only need one DCP goal or one member.
  • This 3rd ‘To Do’ report is focused on what the Area/Division/District must do to earn Distinguished+. These should be secondary because if our clubs earn Distinguished+, then results will automatically flow to the District.

Please reach out to these above clubs to help them understand the deadline, offer assistance and/or just root them on to finish the year strong.

Thanks for supporting our clubs all year.


Program Quality Director 2018-19


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