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Greetings, fellow D26 Toastmasters. I hope this month’s message finds you well as we prepare to enter the official holiday season!

When people talk about leadership, what comes to your mind? Merriam-Webster defines leadership as the power or ability to lead other people. I would go so far as to suggest that leadership is also about the ability to influence others. Consider the influencers throughout your own lives. There was most likely a characteristic, attribute or behavior that stood out to you which either positively (or even negatively) affected the outcome of a decision you needed to make. Perhaps this person’s actions led you to emulate, or even avoid, what they did. Most people don’t even realize they’ve influenced others. A stranger’s actions can have a significant impact on an observer that can affect them for the rest of their lives. Everyone is watching everyone. You are an influencer—a leader—everywhere you go.

In Toastmasters, leadership is abundant. The way we communicate and interact with fellow members and guests can be inspiring to others. There are programs within this organization that were created to specifically help members and clubs: Speechcraft, Youth Leadership, Moments of Truth, and Gavel Club. Our Retention and Club Coaching programs are also very much about coming to the aid of struggling members. Maybe someone helped you overcome an obstacle at a critical time in your life. Maybe you’d like to pay it forward and help someone else in need. Our organization has lost many members around the world during 2020. More than ever, now is the time to be a leader—an influencer. Consider volunteering in our programs to help our clubs rejuvenate and grow.

Please contact our Retention Chair, Terry Ploski (terryploski28083[at], our Club Coach Chair, Gbolahan Lasaki (glasaki[at], or myself ([at] at any time for more information on coaching and other programs.


Jeff Scott Ruiz, DTM
Club Growth Director, District 26
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