District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

District Contacts 2021-2022

District Officers & Leaders

Victoria Cox, DTM
District Director

District Director Team          Business Meeting Chairs

JP Bachmann, DTM
Program Quality Director

PQD Team

Ann Hill, DTM
Club Growth Director

CGD Team

                       Ann Hill, DTM                          Public Relations Manager prmanager[at]

Joseph Vander Linde
Finance Manager
Christina McCrady
Administration Manager
Logistics Manager
Laria Lovec, DTM
Jacqueline Smith, DTM, IPDD
Immediate Past District Director[at]

 View personal statements and photos of the District Trio HERE

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Denver Division
Eastern Division
Foothills Division
Metro Division
Northern Division
Southern Division
Urban Division
Western Division


Denver Division

Denver Division Leaders

Denver Division Director

Karen McGrath DenverDivDirector[at]
Area D1 Director Justin Bowman denad1[at]
Area D2 Director John Mullin denad2[at]
Area D3 Director Allen Fujimoto denad3[at]
Area D4 Director James Cline denad4[at]


Denver Division Clubs
Area D1
Club Number Club Name
1038 Skyline Club
7312 Downtown Speakeasy Club
5951591 Leprino Foods Toastmasters
6703172 Earth Speaks
3577751 Elevate Toastmasters
3734712 Front & Center
Area D2
Club Number Club Name
4089799 Long View – Masters of the Toast
240 Speakers In Action SIA Club
3801 Downtowners Toastmasters Club
7162 Homesteaders Club
8491 On Broadway
3499473 Stately Speakers
Club Number Club Name
2228 Daybreak Toastmasters Club
863184 ToastAbility
5030366 IMA Speaker
1348032 Liberty Toastmasters
Club Number Club Name
739 Rocky Mountain Toastmasters Club
1965 Timberline Toastmasters
2977 Cherry Creek Toastmasters Club
9839 Lodo Toastmasters Club
1562222 El Puente Bilingual TM Club
7022229 ?Pronounce & Procure!?

Eastern Division

Eastern Division Leaders
Eastern Division Director

Glenn Knight EasternDivDirector[at]
Area E1 Director TJ Grisel eastad1[at]
Area E2 Director Lingling Gallacher eastad2[at]
Area E3 Director Janet Sellers eastad3[at]
Area E4 Director Kelsey Draper eastad4[at]
Area E5 Director Alenka Znidarsic eastad5[at]
Area E6 Director Mark Snyder eastad6[at]
Eastern Division Clubs
Area 1
Club # Club Name
375 Fort Collins #375 Toastmasters Club
5314 Noonshiners Toastmasters Club
647252 Colorado State University Toastmasters Club
905038 Resource Masters
Area 2
Club # Club Name
619 Sunrise Toastmasters
8533 Ayres Associates Toastmasters Club
8695 Lark Bunting Toastmasters
2286479 The Talking Toasters
7882810 Speakology
Area 3
Club # Club Name
784 Greeley Early Risers Toastmasters
3975 Loveland Sweet Talkers Club
4553 Loveland Toastmasters Club
3028311 Peak Performance
5947629 Greeley Noon Toastmasters
Area 4
Club # Club Name
7818 Seamasters Toastmasters Club
716047 CO Xpressionists Club
1021224 Words Worth Speaking
1588571 Liberty Toastmasters-North
6649041 Twin Peaks Toasters
Area 5
Club # Club Name
3557 Speakeasy II Club
631413 Speak With Ease Club
698823 Star Speakers Society
7235989 CU Chip Chat
Area 6 
Club # Club Name
4780 Boulder Speakeasy
7329 Loquacious Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club
603677 Sure Speakers Society Club
7914846 Zayo Global Toastmasters

Foothills Division

Foothills Division Leaders


Foothills Division Director

Keith Horowitz foothillsdivdirector[at]
Area F1 Director Katelynn Pau footad1[at]
Area F2 Director Pattie Apple footad2[at]
Area F3 Director Shanu Chandy footad3[at]
Area F4 Director OPEN    
Area F5 Director Abirame Periyasamy footad5[at]
Foothills Division Clubs
Area F1
Club # Club Name
7894 COW Toastmasters Club
9375 Talking Ideas Toastmasters Club
9407 Flatirons View Toastmasters
4515014 BALL Talks Toastmasters Club
Area F2
Club # Club Name
899 Westminster Communicators Club
2668 Front Range Toastmasters Club
6104573 WorldView Toastmasters Club
Area F3
Club # Club Name
2242 Thunderbolt Orators Club
2932 Pioneer Toastmasters Club
3028571 Dam Good Speakers
5768383 Terumo BCT
6604501 Speech Masters Advanced Club
Area F4
Club # Club Name
4071 Opportunity Talks   Toastmaster’s Club
9548 Solar Speak Club
770817 Chamber Ad-Lib Orators Club
6656872 Speak & Influence
Area F5
Club # Club Name
2438 Buffalo Club
2626 Golden Orators
3218 Dawn Yawn
3748737 Golden Speak EZ
7392784 Golden Keynotes

Metro Division

Metro Division Leaders

Metro Division Director


Ron Pierre



Area M1 Director OPEN    
Area M2 Director Tracy Decker metad2[at]
Area M3 Director OPEN    
Area M4 Director Kimberly Angell metad4[at]
Area M5 Director Irene Valenzuela metad5[at]
Metro Division Clubs
Area M1
Club # Club Name
2368 Titan Club
4577248 Comcast West Division Toastmasters
7332634 CTEC Communicators
 7402411 Toasting With Altitude
Area M2
Club # Club Name
1399 South Suburban Toastmasters
2177 Littleton Toastmasters Club
4950 Columbine Communicator Club
7028 TLC Club
2013338 SouthGlenn Speakers
Area M3
Club # Club Name
1033301 Toast of Greenwood Village
4109334 Eloquent Entrepreneurs
4329673 Tech Center Toasters
6592035 Empowering Great Speakers
6817738 Ulteig Multiregional Toastmasters Club
Area M4
Club # Club Name
4128 Toast Of Inverness
8358 WRY Toast Toastmasters Club
1260844 DTC Speakeasies
1440289 Spirited Speakers
2285181 5280 Toastmasters
Area M5
Club # Club Name
3680 Castle Rock Toastmasters
4881 Parker Toastmasters
601385 Highlands Ranch Toastmasters Club
873616 Ranch Raconteurs Club
 1509839 Denver Techmasters

Northern Division

Northern Division Leaders

Northern Division Director

Tiaja Pierre NorthernDivDirector[at]
Area N1 Director Jan Van Hoven northad1[at]
Area N2 Director Ray Willis northad2[at]
Area N3 Director Nathan Darnall northad3[at]
Area N4 Director Reena McCoy northad4[at]
Northern Division Clubs
Area N1
Club # Club Name
4499 Sweet Talkers Club
604316 Cloud Peak Toastmasters Club
665919 Energy Capital Toastmasters
6495629 Yellowstone Toastmasters Club
Area N2
Club # Club Name
97 Pioneer Toastmasters Club
2503 Morning Tour Toastmasters Club
8593 Pathfinder Club
7697820 True Companies
Area N3
Club # Club Name
5563 Laramie Toastmasters
639035 Roadmasters of Cheyenne WY
6493247 Pronghorn Pontificators
Area N4
Club # Club Name
798 Cheyenne 798 Toastmasters Club
1518 High Noon Club
6633 High Plains Club
1161326 Hear Me Roar

Southern Division

Southern Division Leaders

Southern Division Director

Deborah Horowitz SouthernDivDirector[at]
Area S1 Director OPEN OPEN  
Area S2 Director OPEN OPEN  
Area S3 Director Dori Rinehart southad3[at]
Area S4 Director Linda Rinehart southad4[at]
Area S5 Director OPEN  OPEN  
Southern Division Clubs
Area S1
Club # Club Name
4829 21st Century Toastmasters
609265 Trusty Talkers Club
2890434 Peak Articulators
7693989 CCM West Toastmasters Club
Area S2
Club # Club Name
5086 FACCMasters Toastmasters
5481 Currently Speaking Toastmasters Club
738568 EntSpirational Speakers Club
1275941 New Life Toastmasters
7832162 Past Leaders United In Service
Area S3
Club # Club Name
3044 Pikes Peak Toastmasters Club
8404 Artfully Speaking
1155833 TOP CLASS Toastmasters
4002183 S-Peak Leaders
7821259 Above the Clouds
Area S4
Club # Club Name
555 Colorado Springs Toastmasters Club
5158 Downtown Toastmasters Club
5316 Peterson Toastmasters
5618 Colorado Orators League
7888594 Cosmic Communicators
Area S5
Club # Club Name
795 Pueblo Toastmasters Club
1020158 Chemical Weapons Masters
4662442 Pueblo West Toastmasters
6861645 TTCI Toastmasters

Urban Division

Urban Division Leaders

Urban Division Director

Ruth Prentice UrbanDivDirector[at]
Area U1 Director Dana  Rogers urbnad1[at]
Area U2 Director Heather Wuollet urbnad2[at]
Area U3 Director Juliane Cooley urbnad3[at]
Area U4 Director James Gable urbnad4[at]
Area U5 Director Christopher Judge urbnad5[at]
Urban Division Clubs
Area U1
Club # Club Name
821 Savvy Speakers
1588 Bob Ord Toastmasters Club
3413 Gates to Excellence Toastmasters
6670468 DU Speaks Toastmasters Club
Area U2
Club # Club Name
747209 DTC Speaks
2306375 RE/MAX, LLC Toastmasters
3815701 Speaking For Better
1272692 Absolutely Articulate
Area U3
Club # Club Name
3942 George Sutton Toastmasters Club
677476 Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club
6722649 Lockmasters
1120162 Toast-A-Matics
Area U4
Club # Club Name
2136 Aurorators Toastmasters Club
897557 Defenders of Speech
6047537 AP Toastmasters
2979029 Toast of DEN
Area U5
Club # Club Name
7448 Evening Stars Club
2698056 Professional Presenters Toastmasters
5304833 TOPS – Toastmasters of Pinnacol

Western Division

Western Division Leaders

Western Division Director

Jimmy Dent WesternDivDirector[at]
Area W1 Director Dana VanBrimmer westad1[at]
Area W2 Director OPEN OPEN
Area W3 Director OPEN  OPEN  
Western Division Clubs
Area W1
Club # Club Name
3247 Excelsior Advanced Toastmasters Club
4435 Arrowhead Club
7992 Mountain Toastmasters Club
8361 Westside Speakeasy Toastmasters Club
Area W2
Club # Club Name
1671 Grand Junction Toastmasters Club
1118685 Talk of the Town Toastmasters
2219273 Cloud Nine Toastmasters
5483592 Roaring Colorado Toastmasters
5757222 Western Slope Liberty Toastmasters
Area W3
Club # Club Name
1268 Earlybird Club
1082248 La Plata County Luminaries
6822356 Alamosa Toastmasters

District Director Team


Business Meeting Chairs


PQD Team


CGD Team

Extension Chair

Kimberly Angell, TC1



New Club Kickoff Chair

Teri McDonald, DTM, PDD (D57)


Retention Club Teams

and individuals

Bonnie Ann Smith, DTM

Linda Rinehart, DTM- Area  S4 Director

Dori Rinehart, IP3 –  Area S3 Direct


Pikes Peak Toastmasters Club (for Colorado Springs Toastmasters Club)

S-Peak Leaders (for Pueblo Toastmasters Club) 

Toasting with Altitude (for Downtown Speakeasy)






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