District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

New Officers


District Trio

District Director: Victoria Cox

“Next year I want to focus on helping everyone reaching out to each other for support and guidance. We need a village but we are also a part of the village. We all need to identify our goals for next year could be personal, career focused or related to Toastmasters. Then choose the direction you need to go and lastly design your plan for success. Most importantly share it with someone to get the support and accountability needed to reach your goal. Reach out and mentor someone as well, so that we all can have a successful year. I am looking forward to helping everyone find their special skill to help them grow. “






Club Growth Director: Ann Hill


Program Quality Director: JP Bachmann

“Toastmasters has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. I am passionate about this organization because of the confidence and skills we provide to our members. Because of what I’ve learned here, I’ve gained the confidence, training and mentorship to be a leader in my career. In the years since joining, I’ve not only changed careers, but progressed into a management path that may not have been open to be otherwise.

As my journey continues, the goal is to keep learning and progressing as a leader so that I can be more effective in my career while helping others do the same. The decision to run for Club Growth Director (and now Program Quality Director) is to help every member reach their goals, just as I’ve been able to realize mine.

My vision is simple: Rebuild and re-invigorate the clubs throughout our District and provide training to the members supporting our clubs so they can truly give excellence to struggling and new clubs. We’ll do these things by the following means:
• Teach techniques about how to have engaging and fun virtual and hybrid meetings
• Strengthen our relationships with local organizations to build sustainable corporate clubs
• Educate Club Mentors, Coaches, and Sponsors to support every club, new and old
• Build a strong relationship with Rotary to bolster both organizations”

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