District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

Easy-Speak and FreeToastHost are two free club management software used by thousands of Toastmasters clubs worldwide and most District 26 clubs.

Carol Pace (Easy-Speak) and Gretchen Vaughn (FreeToastHost) provide one-on-one support for everything from technical glitches to customized agendas.

These websites both have a tool chest of options for every function of your club, such as: 

  • Public website and guest information
  • Email groups and forums
  • Agendas and meeting role reports
  • Pathways evaluations
  • Dues management

You can tell which kind of website your club has in one of two ways:

  1. The end of the URL: 
    • Easy-Speak: (club-id)
    • FreeToastHost: (club-id)
  2. The appearance of the website, similar to:

Carol and Gretchen can help you with a multitude of issues beyond the basics:

  • Adapting meeting role assignments and sign-ups to your club culture
  • Adding custom pages for minutes and membership info
  • Embedding YouTube videos of member speeches
  • Displaying photos and the Toastmasters brand
  • Regaining site access when the administrator disappears
  • Using the agendas with online meetings

These are only a few of the ways club management software can efficiently organize all your club’s functions—and all in one place. Transitions from one club officer team to the next are simple and sustainable.

Whether you need help finding the right support article or want to learn best practices, do not hesitate to reach out to Carol (pacecag[at] and Gretchen (gretchen[at]

Additional resources:
Easy-Speak training videos
FreeToastHost User Guide


Carol Pace, DTM
District 26 Easy-Speak Support
Gretchen Vaughn, DTM
District 26 FreeToastHost Support
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