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Imagine you need to get some vital piece of information to a fellow club officer for an upcoming open house.

You need to review the information and get a decision from them. You have two choices:

  1. Meet with them privately in a quiet, organized room with all of the relevant info ready. Discuss quickly while focused entirely on the topic. Your decisions are recorded as you chat. Leave the room knowing everything you need will be waiting for you there, exactly as you left it, for the next time you need to meet.
  2. Find them in a crowded, noisy bar. Yell back and forth to each other over the noise, jotting a few thoughts on a damp napkin while avoiding the puddle of beer from a neighbor’s glass.

Which would you choose?

Unfortunately, most people often choose email, option 2.

Think about it.

If you send someone an email, it ends up in a crowded, noisy inbox – “Pay your credit card bill now!” “A Nigerian Business Man has an offer you Cannot Refuse!” “Honey, remember to buy milk!” Oh yeah, and here are the 500 other things you haven’t dealt with yet but you still need to.

Massive, distracting, energy waste. No wonder people can go off on a tangent, buying milk or sending money to Nigeria instead of devoting all of their focus to the task at hand.

Pick option 1!!!

Slack is a quiet, dedicated, focused communication tool available on your computer and smartphone. Go to to get started, or contact me with questions on bringing the crazy into focus for your Toastmasters team.

Mike Moline


SLACK Representative For D26

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