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You work hard building your club and creating a dynamic meeting environment. 

Things are going great and your club meetings are exciting, fun and your members are improving their skills.  Yet, even the best of clubs lose close to one-third of their members yearly. It’s all part of the life cycle of a Toastmasters club.  Members come and go for many reasons and that is why good clubs are constantly recruiting new members.

Kim Monson is a member of Liberty Toastmasters in Denver and she is also a drive time radio show host.  Her radio program focuses on public policy issues and includes a diverse range of topics which features local and national personalities.

Kim observed the membership falling and approached the club to see if we would consider being a co-sponsor of her radio show.  During a club business meeting, the members agreed to promote the club with the help of our sister club, Liberty Toastmasters-North in Longmont, to share in the investment and promote both clubs.

Several times a week a recorded Toastmaster Ad is played, and at least monthly members are interviewed and even have the opportunity to participate on the radio show by practicing their Table Topic skills, “live” on the air.  After the program airs, each participant is sent their portion of the recorded program to share on their personal social media or in e-mails. This amplifies the investment and helps promote the clubs.

As Liberty Toastmasters President, I have been interviewed on the program about our uniquely themed club, and have been invited as a guest co-host several times.

Yet, more importantly, we have invited listeners to attend our meetings and to practice becoming better speakers and leaders via Toastmasters.

Wonder if this investment has panned out? 

So far, the results have been promising. After the first radio program aired, a couple from Parker attended a meeting at the Denver club.  When introducing themselves, these guests shared they heard about us on the radio. Wow! It worked. The following week the Longmont Club had a similar experience when a gentleman attended from Fort Collins after hearing the interview on the radio. Wow again!

We continue to invest some club dues in public relations and recruitment and now have proof that radio does reach potential new members. Plus, we have a wider reach of potential new members across the entire front range.

If you are looking to grow your membership and who isn’t, you may try this unique approach.

Bradley Beck, DTM | Pathways Guide


Founding member of Liberty Toastmasters

Liberty Toastmasters & Liberty Toastmasters-North.


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