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Have your speaking skills plateaued? Do you feel like your current club only provides rosy feedback during evaluations? Are there enough open speaking opportunities in my club to reach my goals? As we continue to develop through the Toastmasters experience, sometimes we wonder – what’s next?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then you might consider joining an Advanced Club.

What is an Advanced Toastmasters Club?

Advanced clubs are naturally made up of more experienced Toastmasters. These are typically individuals who hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence and they wish to grow alongside other achievers. Some members are born orators while plenty of other members simply like to work hard and be recognized for that work. Either way, you will meet high caliber people who hold a genuine desire to support you and your goals.

Many advanced clubs do have educational prerequisites. You may need to complete a certain number of Pathways Paths prior to acceptance into the club. But that does not mean you shouldn’t visit!

The most noticeable difference between a typical club and an advanced club is the level of feedback. It is often more direct, and members will hold you accountable for bringing your best speech possible. Besides the standard 2-3 minute evaluation, many clubs hold a Round Robin session. This session gives all club members an opportunity to critique your latest performance. If you think you can handle that type of feedback, then an advanced club might be right for you.

Advantages of Advanced Clubs

  • More Speaking & Serving Opportunities – You will progress faster
  • Mentoring from past and present District Leaders
  • Specialty & Longer Format Speeches
  • Round Robin Evaluations
  • Higher Standards


Are you ready to Advance?

Come see for yourself. I recommend visiting a local advanced club as soon as you can. Don’t wait until you think you meet the educational qualifications. Head on over to Toastmasters International website “Find a Club” section. Check the “Advanced Clubs” box and begin your search. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider starting your own club! That’s what I did.

Current District 26 Advanced Clubs; linked for your convenience.
Evening Stars Club – Denver, CO
Professional Presenters Toastmasters – Denver, CO
Speech Masters Advanced Club (SMAC) – Lakewood, CO
Excelsior Advanced Toastmasters Club – Lakewood, CO
Peak Performance – Loveland, CO
S-Peak Leaders – Colorado Springs, CO

Brian VanKeuren, DTM is the current President of Buffalo Toastmasters and an active member for nine years. He was a Sponsor, Charter Member and current President of Speech Masters Advanced Club (SMAC) in Lakewood, CO and also served as an Area Director for District 26.

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