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As a Millennial, I often feel bombarded with news, statuses, updates, and e-mails and I am constantly trying to trim down my “wardrobe” of information to include only what I want and need to see.

I often unsubscribe from e-mail listings, social media pages, and news outlets. I’m only keeping what really matters to me and the sites/pages that I am keeping have a wealth of “efficient knowledge” in it.

This means that I can go onto a news page or an article and acquire information in a clear format in under 5 minutes.

I am often looking at these things on-the-go, or during the work day while I’m taking a break, so I don’t want to be sifting through meaningless stats or information to find the real meat is only in sentence or two.

If you’re wanting to reach the Millennial population when looking for new members, consider these stats from about how this generation best receives information:

59% of Millennials said their favorite websites use amazing graphics

57% of Millennials said their favorite websites have brief, well-written content

58% of Millennials said the best websites have engaged communities of fans

76% of Millennials said their favorite websites have content that is easy to understand.

The next time you are posting, consider:

Popular, high-quality images brief status updates — about 100 characters if possible

Everyone who comments or posts on your page gets a response

Content that is relevant to your fans


Jillian Gibson

D26 Social Media Chair, 2018/19
Columbine Communicators | VP of Public Relations, 2018
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