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On October 19, 2020 I completed my journey I call, ”90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”.  This post is about finishing my 90 days and beyond.

What is ”90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”?

My goal was to attend a Toastmasters meeting every day for 90 days. I started this simply to get better at speaking by practicing every day. The plan was to give a prepared speech, Table Topics speech, or serve in a speaking role.

What did you complete?

I completed attending 90 straight days of Toastmasters meetings. I overachieved by attending 97 meetings in 90 days. During that time, I gave 82 prepared speeches and 8 speech evaluations. This journey included giving a speech in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and 3 Provinces in Canada.

On Day 90 we had a Joint Open House by my two clubs: Talk of Lincolnshire and New Life Toastmasters. We had “Rock Star” Toastmasters from around the United States and Canada filling all the roles. Attendees came from around the world and were invited to unmute and participate during two key moments in my speech. The unity and support were amazing.

Now that the 90 days of meetings is finished, what’s next?

“The finish line is just the beginning”. There are many more clubs on my list to visit and finish my latest goal to give a speech in every Province of Canada. I am receiving more invitations to speak which will also keep me busy. The next BIG part is crafting a new speech and stating what I call the “Victory Tour” where I will be returning to many of the clubs I visited.

What is your call to action?

  • Attend your club meetings and give a speech.
  • Have a “pocket speech” ready so that you can give a speech if needed.
  • Take advantage of the Online Meetings, visit clubs and give a speech. It will help you and the clubs you visit.


Joe Milakovic, CC is also known as “Hollywood Joe” lives near Chicago, Illinois. Joe is a computer expert and ULTRA Trail Runner. Member and V.P. Membership at Talk of Lincolnshire Toastmasters Club, Lincolnshire, IL (D30) Member and V.P. Public Relations at New Life Toastmasters Club in Colorado Springs, CO (D26) Facebook Page: Shared calendar of “90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 Days”:
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