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Toastmasters International Online meetings have provided a new opportunity to visit clubs around the world.  Thanks to this new online world, I was able to join a second club, New Life Toastmasters Club in Colorado Springs all the way from Illinois. I started my journey on July 22, 2020, called “90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”.  The mission: attend 90 meetings in 90 days by visiting a club every day, including a visit to a club in every state.

Why “90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”?

The short answer is practice, practice, practice, and more practice. The best place to practice is with a live audience and getting more “stage time”. Online Toastmasters meetings have made this possible.

What is the story behind “90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”?

When giving my speeches about passion, I noticed I would become excited, talk too fast, and not pause long enough. I was frustrated and wanted to get better. Then I decided to start giving my speech 3-4 times a week until I got it under control. The next week I was inspired by a story of Tony Robbins practicing speaking 2 hours a day every day, and my immediate thoughts were, I needed to do more. Later that night after giving my 3rd speech of the week, I came up with the idea for “90 Toastmasters meetings in 90 Days”. I wanted to give as many speeches as possible, whether it be prepared, an evaluation, or Table Topics. The 90 days idea was inspired by Alcoholics Anonymous’ “90 in 90”, meaning attendance at an AA meeting every day for 90 days.

I would encourage you to take advantage of these online Toastmaster meetings and visit as many clubs as you can. Clubs LOVE to have guests and warmly welcome guest speakers. It is a win-win for you and the clubs you visit.

You can follow the 90 meetings in 90 days adventure of “Hollywood Joe” on Facebook at

Joe Milakovic, CC is also known as “Hollywood Joe” lives near Chicago, Illinois. Joe is a computer expert and ULTRA running.

Member and V.P. Membership at Talk of Lincolnshire Toastmasters Club, Lincolnshire, IL (D30)

Member and V.P. Public Relations at New Life Toastmasters Club in Colorado Springs, CO (D26)

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