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On July 22, 2020 I started a journey I call, ”90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”.  This post is the middle of my journey.

What is ”90 Toastmasters Meetings in 90 days”?

My goal to attend a Toastmasters meeting every day for 90 days. I started this simply to get better at speaking by practicing every day. The plan was to give a prepared speech, Table Topics speech, or serve in a speaking role. After a few weeks, I made my goal more ambiguous. During my 90-day journey, the new goal is to give a prepared speech in EVERY state.

Where are you on the journey and what have you accomplished?

Today is day 49 of 90. I gave a prepared speech 42 times in 32 states, 2 clubs in Canada, and once in London, England. Generally, I stuck to the same speech at these meetings: “W.I.N with Passion”. I have given this speech 41 times. This speech will continue to be the main speech for 2 reasons:

  1. The main reason for this journey was to practice giving a speech about passion and learning to slow down and pause, yet at the same time deliver the speech with passion; and
  2. This speech has impacted and inspired many people.

What unexpected lessons have you learned by practicing public speaking daily?     

  1. That every speech matters. It is a gift for the audience, you never know who needs to hear your story or your message. Our own stories and passions can give hope and inspiration to others.
  2. There are many people that are willing help you along your journey if you let them.
  3. Clubs love visitors and really love to have guest speakers. Additionally, your visit and speech are a gift to the club you visit.

What is your call to action?

In Toastmasters we often hear people say they came to be a better speaker. Take advantage of our Zoom world and attend other clubs to get extra speech practice.


Joe Milakovic, CC is also known as “Hollywood Joe” lives near Chicago, Illinois. Joe is a computer expert and ULTRA Trail Runner.

Member and V.P. Membership at Talk of Lincolnshire Toastmasters Club, Lincolnshire, IL (D30)

Member and V.P. Public Relations at New Life Toastmasters Club in Colorado Springs, CO (D26)

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