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From my fellow Toastmasters in District 26, I have often heard misunderstandings about Pathways. Let’s “bust” up those “myths”!

Myth #1: A member can’t be in Pathways until they complete their goals in the traditional program.

Buster: On the contrary, all Toastmasters should be enrolled in Pathways even if they are completing designations in the traditional program. Members can be in both at the same time. Our district seeks adoption by all members now to prepare for the June 30, 2020 end of the traditional program.

Myth #2: Members must use their selected path as subject matter in their speeches. For instance: speeches given by a member in Dynamic Leadership, must all be about leadership or the content of learning in the project.

Buster: In most all projects, the speech topic can be anything a member chooses. Clearly stated in almost every evaluation resource: “The speech should not be a report on the content of the project.” However, speaking about what we learn personally in the project can have a big impact.

Myth #3: Members are automatically enrolled in Pathways when dues are paid and application is processed

Buster: Only by selecting a path is a member enrolled in the Toastmasters Learning Experience. Presentation Mastery is the recommended choice for members who are interested specifically in improving their basic public speaking skills.

Myth #4: Evaluating speeches in Pathways is done the same way as it was in the traditional program.

Buster: Evaluation Resources in Pathways incorporate new criteria to guide an effective evaluation of the speaker. The “How to Evaluate Tutorial” video found under the Speech Evaluations Blue Tile on the Base Camp Dashboard provides a new perspective. All Evaluation Resources are available in this location as well.

Myth #5: A member (new or tenured) doesn’t need to open the Ice Breaker project before giving the Ice Breaker.

Buster: Like all projects, there is valuable material to be reviewed. The Ice Breaker project provides foundational building blocks for good speech structure and preparation. A valuable worksheet and outline form are included. Reviewing the material is the first important step in Pathways for every member’s journey. Pathways is entirely different than the traditional program.

Be a “Myth Buster” and share this information with your fellow members!

Susie Overton

D26 Pathways Advisor 2019-2020

ACB, ACL, MS4, and PM1

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