District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

Before we get too far along into the prime year of 2019, let’s review 2018.

Your district leaders have invested an enormous amount of effort to move our district and our clubs forward. Some changes are first-ever events and are worthy of your pride for participating in a job well done.

Here are examples of exactly how your leaders provided dedication and service with strength and humility in 2018.

January 31, nearly 50 Pathways Guides and Ambassadors complete first-ever training
February and March, Pathways Guides and Ambassadors visit all active clubs to train members and deliver starter kits
March 20, the first-ever launch of Pathways occurs in Region 1 (Alaska to Nebraska) and Region 11 (Northern Ireland to South Africa)
April 30, Toastmasters International World Headquarters completes its first-ever move from California to Englewood, Colorado
May 18, Toastmasters International CEO Daniel Rex is the keynote speaker at District 26 Spring Conference
June 30, District 26 ends the program year with 195 active clubs, including 19 newly chartered clubs, and 83 distinguished or better clubs. All categories showing positive growth!
August 31, nearly 70 District 26 leaders are trained in their duties
September 19, District 26 celebrates its 70th anniversary!
October 6, District 26 Council holds its first-ever virtual fall business meeting
October 20, District 26 holds its first-ever Fall Training Expo
November 30, more than 180 club visit reports are submitted to World Headquarters by district leaders
December 31, more than 80% of clubs with semiannual elections submit their new club officer reports

I personally owe a debt of gratitude to all of these leaders, my heroes, friends and compatriots. What a year of change!

Keep the Promise.

Meet the Challenge. 


Marcia Wood, DTM

District 26 Director 2018/2019

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