District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

Greetings, District 26!

What a past four months we’ve had! These national mandates have really disrupted our organization’s operations. After being required to perform the second half of our speech contests online, we’ve been struggling to adapt to brand new ways of conducting our meetings and other business. I must say that as Toastmasters, we have managed to improvise and adapt to these challenges. There are always hiccups at first as we learn new technology and procedures, but District 26 has proven to be up to the task.

Unfortunately, we have lost many clubs due to these circumstances. It will be our Club Growth teams’ priority to focus on retaining and revitalizing our current clubs. We must embrace new ways of conducting meetings at a distance while maintaining interest; a daunting task for those of us who need physical human interaction. But it can be done.

Many of you out there have expressed interest in helping to rejuvenate our District. Do you know someone else who shares this interest? Our Club Growth team has an opening for a Kickoff Meeting Chair. This person would be a prospective club’s first contact into the club environment. Arranging a demo meeting is a great way to help new clubs get started. We also need a Sponsor/Mentor Chair, who would follow up after a demo meeting and assign a club sponsor and mentor. I’m happy to provide more details to anyone who’s interested.

I’m always available for feedback, ideas and questions. Drop me an email at[at] Stay safe out there and let’s Re-energize, Re-engage & Rejuvenate our District!

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