District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska

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District Director Team
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PR Team
Business Meeting Chairs
Denver Division
Eastern Division
Foothills Division
Metro Division
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2020-21 Leadership Team


District Director Team


District Director

Jacqueline L. Smith


Immediate Past District Director

Mike Akins


Finance Manager

Tom Marrs


Administration Manager

A.J. Herran


Incentives Chair

Carolyn Conover


Audit Chair


Bobby Olsen


FreeToastHost Support

Gretchen Vaughn


Easy-Speak Support

Carol Pace


Speakers’ Bureau


Role Description


Zoom Support


PQD Team


Program Quality Director


Victoria Cox


Training Advisor


Logistics Manager

Ann Hill


Contest Chair Advisor

David Johnson


Chief Judge Advisor

Deb Horowitz


Conference Chair


Role description


CGD Team


Club Growth Director


Jeff Ruiz


Club Extension Chair

Mary Watson


Club Sponsor/Mentor Chair


Role description


Kickoff Meeting Coordinator


Role description


Club Retention Chair

Terry Ploski


Club Coach Chair

Gbolahan Lasaki

PR Team


Public Relations Manager

Keith Horowitz



Greg Harris


Web Designer

Lou Watson

Louise Watson

Blog Editor




Newsletter Editor

Rachel Mussell


Social Media Chair

Michael Richards


Business Meeting Chairs


Business Meeting Chairs

Jacqueline L. Smith


Candidate Showcase

Linda Rhea


District Alignment Chair

Mark Entrekin


Credentials Chair

Beth Boaz


District Leadership Chair

Mike Akins


District Parliamentarian

Christopher Judge

Denver Division


Denver Division Director

Cynthia Schuller



Area D1 Director

Karen McGrath

  Club: # 1038 Skyline Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 7312 Downtown Speakeasy Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 5951591 Leprino Foods Toastmasters Denver, CO
  Club: # 6703172 Earth Speaks Denver, CO
  Club: # 7629075 Denver Slalom Toastmasters Denver, CO

Area D2 Director

Jim Roth

  Club: # 9839 Lodo Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 3577751 Rock The Dialogue (RTD) Denver, CO
  Club: # 5886437 S&P Speakeasies Denver, CO
  Club: # 7425708 KPMG Denver, CO
  Club: # 7756465 Inspirato Denver, CO

Area D3 Director

Phil Legal

  Club: # 4089799 Long View – Masters of the Toast Denver, CO
  Club: # 3734712 Front & Center Denver, CO
  Club: # 6877264 Aegon Toast Denver, CO
  Club: # 7250360 HAvocado Toast Denver, CO

Area D4 Director



  Club: # 240 Speakers In Action SIA Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 3801 Downtowners Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 7162 Homesteaders Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 930024 The Encredible Toastmasters Denver, CO

Area D5 Director

Tiaja Pierre

  Club: # 871 Thrillspeakers Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 2228 Daybreak Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 863184 ToastAbility Denver, CO

Area D6 Director

Beth Steigerwalt

  Club: # 8491 On Broadway Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 1348032 Liberty Toastmasters Denver, CO
  Club: # 3499473 Stately Speakers Denver, CO
  Club: # 5030366 IMA Speaker Denver, CO
  Club: # 7022229 Pronounce & Procure! Denver, CO

Eastern Division


Eastern Division Director

Hugh Curley


Area E1 Director



  Club: # 375 Fort Collins #375 Toastmasters Club Fort Collins, CO
  Club: # 619 Sunrise Toastmasters Fort Collins, CO
  Club: # 5314 Noonshiners Toastmasters Club Fort Collins, CO
  Club: # 647252 Colorado State University Toastmasters Club Fort Collins, CO
  Club: # 905038 Resource Masters Fort Collins, CO

Area E2 Director

  Club: # 4553 Loveland Toastmasters Club Loveland, CO
  Club: # 8533 Ayres Associates Toastmasters Club Fort Collins, CO
  Club: # 8695 Lark Bunting Toastmasters Fort Collins, CO
  Club: # 2286479 The Talking Toasters Fort Collins, CO

Area E3 Director

Gina Curley

  Club: # 784 Greeley Early Risers Toastmasters Greeley, CO
  Club: # 3975 Loveland Sweet Talkers Club Loveland, CO
  Club: # 3028311 Peak Performance Loveland, CO
  Club: # 5947629 Greeley Noon Toastmasters Greeley, CO
  Club: # 3989 High Nooners Club  

Area E4 Director

Allyson Bowland

  Club: # 7818 Seamasters Toastmasters Club Longmont, CO
  Club: # 716047 CO Xpressionists Club Longmont, CO
  Club: # 1021224 Words Worth Speaking Longmont, CO
  Club: # 1588571 Liberty Toastmasters-North Longmont, CO
  Club: # 6649041 Twin Peaks Toasters Longmont, CO

Area E5 Director

Kevin McCalmon

  Club: # 3557 Speakeasy II Club Boulder, CO
  Club: # 631413 Speak With Ease Club Lafayette, CO
  Club: # 698823 Star Speakers Society Boulder, CO
  Club: # 7235989 CU Chip Chat Boulder, CO

Area E6 Director

Marty Scholes

  Club: # 4780 Boulder Speakeasy Boulder, CO
  Club: # 7329 Loquacious Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club Boulder, CO
  Club: # 8102 CU Toastmasters Boulder, CO
  Club: # 603677 Sure Speakers Society Club Boulder, CO

Foothills Division


Foothills Division Director

Stephanie Prochaska


Area F1 Director

Nancy Winston

  Club: # 7894 COW Toastmasters Club Westminster, CO
  Club: # 9375 Talking Ideas Toastmasters Club Westminster, CO
  Club: # 9407 Flatirons View Toastmasters Arvada, CO
  Club: # 4515014 BALL Talks Toastmasters Club Westminster, CO
  Club: # 7832162 Past Leaders United In Service Online

Area F2 Director

Jonathan Kolber

  Club: # 899 Westminster Communicators Club Westminster, CO
  Club: # 2668 Front Range Toastmasters Club Federal Heights, CO
  Club: # 1112188 Carbon Valley Toastmasters Thornton, CO
  Club: # 6104573 WorldView Toastmasters Club Westminster, CO
  Club: # 6513449 Tri-State Generation & Transmission Westminster, CO

Area F3 Director

Roland Cheng

  Club: # 2242 Thunderbolt Orators Club Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 2932 Pioneer Toastmasters Club Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 3028571 Dam Good Speakers Denver, CO
  Club: # 5768383 Terumo BCT Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 6672751 Wheat Toast Wheat Ridge, CO

Area F4 Director

Cora ‘Dolly’ Heyl

  Club: # 4071 Opportunity Talks Toastmaster’s Club Broomfield, CO
  Club: # 9548 Solar Speak Club Broomfield, CO
  Club: # 770817 Chamber Ad-Lib Orators Club Broomfield, CO
  Club: # 5951876 Gogo Toast & Talk Broomfield, CO
  Club: # 6656872 Speak & Influence Broomfield, CO
  Club: # 7125095 Webroot Toastmasters Broomfield, CO

Area F5 Director

Linda Rhea

  Club: # 2438 Buffalo Club Golden, CO
  Club: # 2626 Golden Orators Golden, CO
  Club: # 3218 Dawn Yawn Club Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 1203897 Speak Up Toastmasters Club Golden, CO
  Club: # 3748737 Golden Speak EZ Golden, CO


       Metro Division


Metro Division Director

Mark Krekeler


Area M1 Director

Kamna Kirti

  Club: # 2368 Titan Club Centennial, CO
  Club: # 4577248 Comcast West Division Toastmasters Centennial, CO
  Club: # 6681043 SPeakers Centennial, CO
  Club: # 7332634 CTEC Communicators Englewood, CO
  Club: # 7402411 Toasting With Altitude Englewood, CO

Area M2 Director

Marcia Wood

  Club: # 1399 South Suburban Toastmasters Littleton, CO
  Club: # 2177 Littleton Toastmasters Club Centennial, CO
  Club: # 4950 Columbine Communicator Club Littleton, CO
  Club: # 7028 TLC Club Littleton, CO
  Club: # 2013338 SouthGlenn Speakers Centennial, CO

Area M3 Director

Shirley Chan

  Club: # 1033301 Toast of Greenwood Village Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 4109334 Eloquent Entrepreneurs Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 4329673 Tech Center Toasters Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 6592035 Empowering Great Speakers Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 6678385 Spectrum Speakers Greenwood Village, CO

Area M4 Director

Ron Pierre

  Club: # 4128 Toast Of Inverness Centennial, CO
  Club: # 8358 WRY Toast Toastmasters Club Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 1260844 DTC Speakeasies Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 1440289 Spirited Speakers Centennial, CO
  Club: # 2285181 5280 Toastmasters Greenwood Village, CO
  Club: # 6817738 Ulteig Multiregional Toastmasters Club Greenwood Village, CO

Area M5 Director

Sarika Syamala

  Club: # 3680 Castle Rock Toastmasters Castle Rock, CO
  Club: # 4881 Parker Toastmasters Parker, CO
  Club: # 601385 Highlands Ranch Toastmasters Club Highlands Ranch, CO
  Club: # 873616 Ranch Raconteurs Club Highlands Ranch, CO
  Club: # 1509839 Denver Techmasters Lone Tree, CO

Northern Division


Northern Division Director

Richard ‘Dick’ Sanders


Area N1 Director

Val Burgess

  Club: # 4499 Sweet Talkers Club Worland, WY
  Club: # 604316 Cloud Peak Toastmasters Club Sheridan, WY
  Club: # 665919 Energy Capital Toastmasters Gillette, WY
  Club: # 6495629 Yellowstone Toastmasters Club Cody, WY

Area N2 Director

Diana Hutchinson

  Club: # 97 Pioneer Toastmasters Club Casper, WY
  Club: # 2503 Morning Tour Toastmasters Club Casper, WY
  Club: # 8593 Pathfinder Club Casper, WY
  Club: # 7697820 True Companies Casper, WY

Area N3 Director

Dana Morgan Barnes

  Club: # 5563 Laramie Morday Toastmasters Laramie, WY
  Club: # 639035 Roadmasters of Cheyenne WY Cheyenne, WY
  Club: # 6924438 Platte County Toastmasters Club Wheatland, WY

Area N4 Director

Ron Pecoraro

  Club: # 798 Cheyenne 798 Toastmasters Club Cheyenne, WY
  Club: # 1518 High Noon Club Cheyenne, WY
  Club: # 6633 High Plains Club Cheyenne, WY
  Club: # 1161326 Hear Me Roar Cheyenne, WY

Southern Division


Southern Division Director

Asta Star


Area S1 Director

Ruth Prentice

  Club: # 2396 Rocky Mountain Eagles Toastmasters Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 4829 21st Century Toastmasters Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 609265 Trusty Talkers Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 2890434 Peak Articulators Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 7693989 CCM West Toastmasters Club Colorado Springs, CO

Area S2 Director

Paul Yankey

  Club: # 5086 FACCMasters Toastmasters Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 5481 Currently Speaking Toastmasters Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 738568 EntSpirational Speakers Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 1275941 New Life Toastmasters Colorado Springs, CO

Area S3 Director

Tyler Muca

  Club: # 3044 Pikes Peak Toastmasters Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 8404 Artfully Speaking Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 1155833 TOP CLASS Toastmasters Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 4002183 S-Peak Leaders Colorado Springs, CO

Area S4 Director

Christina McCrady

  Club: # 555 Colorado Springs Toastmasters Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 5158 Downtown Toastmasters Club Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 5316 Peterson Toastmasters Colorado Springs, CO
  Club: # 5618 Colorado Orators League Colorado Springs, CO

Area S5 Director

Rachael Calkins

  Club: # 795 Pueblo Toastmasters Club Pueblo, CO
  Club: # 1020158 Chemical Weapons Masters Pueblo, CO
  Club: # 4662442 Pueblo West Toastmasters Pueblo West, CO
  Club: # 6861645 TTCI Toastmasters Pueblo, CO

Urban Division


Urban Division Director

JP Bachmann


Area U1 Director

Nina Klimek


  Club: # 1588 Bob Ord Toastmasters Club Cherry Hills Village, CO
  Club: # 3413 Gates to Excellence Toastmasters Denver, CO
  Club: # 7448 Evening Stars Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 3389788 Aimco Toastmasters Club Denver, CO

Area U2 Director

Michael Orwig

  Club: # 747209 DTC Speaks Denver, CO
  Club: # 2306375 RE/MAX LLC Toastmasters Denver, CO
  Club: # 3815701 Speaking For Better Denver, CO
  Club: # 7325141 Happy Masters Denver, CO

Area U3 Director

Patrick Defo

  Club: # 3942 George Sutton Toastmasters Club Aurora, CO
  Club: # 677476 Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club Aurora, CO
  Club: # 1272692 Absolutely Articulate Aurora, CO
  Club: # 6722649 Lockmasters Denver, CO

Area U4 Director

Meredith Myers

  Club: # 2136 Aurorators Toastmasters Club Aurora, CO
  Club: # 897557 Defenders of Speech Buckley Air Force Base, CO
  Club: # 1120162 Toast-A-Matics Aurora, CO
  Club: # 2979029 Toast of DEN Denver, CO
  Club: # 6047537 AP Toastmasters Aurora, CO

Area U5 Director

Chelsa Newberg

  Club: # 1965 Timberline Toastmasters Denver, CO
  Club: # 1562222 El Puente Bilingual TM Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 2698056 Professional Presenters Toastmasters Denver, CO
  Club: # 6670468 DU Speaks Toastmasters Club Denver, CO

Area U6 Director

Allyn Orwig

  Club: # 739 Rocky Mountain Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 821 BodyShops Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 2977 Cherry Creek Toastmasters Club Denver, CO
  Club: # 5304833 TOPS – Toastmasters of Pinnacol Denver, CO

Western Division


Western Division Director

Marianne Delany


Area W1 Director

Nickie McCann

  Club: # 3247 Excelsior Advanced Toastmasters Club Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 4435 Arrowhead Club Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 7992 Mountain Toastmasters Club Evergreen, CO
  Club: # 8361 Westside Speakeasy Toastmasters Club Lakewood, CO
  Club: # 6604501 Speech Masters Advanced Club Lakewood, CO

Area W2 Director

Jen Mendenhall

  Club: # 1671 Grand Junction Toastmasters Club Grand Junction, CO
  Club: # 1118685 Talk of the Town Toastmasters Grand Junction, CO
  Club: # 5757222 Western Slope Liberty Toastmasters Grand Junction, CO
  Club: # 5483592 Roaring Colorado Toastmasters Rifle, CO
  Club: # 2219273 Cloud Nine Toastmasters Aspen, CO
  Club : # 7064 Summit Club  

Area W3 Director

Kristi Dean

  Club: # 1268 Earlybird Club Durango, CO
  Club: # 1082248 La Plata County Luminaries Durango, CO
  Club: # 6822356 Alamosa Toastmasters Alamosa, CO



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