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Advanced Clubs Provide Opportunities

In our district advanced clubs, which are for individuals who have achieved their Competent Communicator recognition, provide opportunities for Toastmasters to give longer speeches, advance through the recognition levels faster, and to get more thorough feedback via round robin evaluations.  Spirited Speakers, one of the clubs I participate in, was formed through the leadership of Jana Axline.  It meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, generally at the Koelbel library.  It not only provides overflowing

additional opportunities to speak but also improves the learning experience through formal evaluations by assigned evaluators combined with round robin evaluations by the audience. This combination gives additional insight into what was effective and how to improve. Don't miss this opportunity to hone your skills at an advanced club.  You can email Jana at or Randon Rocks at if you would like more information.


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Excelsior Advanced Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

Excelsior Advanced Club No. 3247 was chartered in 2000 by 20 Toastmasters members who had achieved ‘Competent Toastmaster’ status; i.e., their first speaking manual. The club focused on improving skills in advanced manuals and offered round robin evaluations in addition to an oral evaluation for each speaker. Initially, the club was thriving, with a membership around 20; however, membership waxed and waned over the years, making Excelsior coach-eligible (12 or fewer members) in 2009. In their 10th year, Excelsior, under the successful coaching arrangement with Mary Mirable (new DTM!) and for a time co-coach Win Suseno, gained 5 new members and achieved Distinguished Club status. See the related article under the “Coaching Corner”.

This club deserved to celebrate! What makes this club special? At least 7 members are Distinguished Toastmasters (Judy Lloyd, Nancy Swartz, Joyce Feustel, Alan Swartz, Laura Rayle, Gordon Savage, and Mary Mirable)…several Excelsior members have achieved multiple DTMs! These folks are engaged Toastmasters dedicated to a lifetime of learning. Four members have previously served District 26 as District Governors (Nancy Swartz, Judy Lloyd, Joyce Feustel, and Alan Swartz).

The 10th anniversary party was hosted by Judy Lloyd, Tom Lloyd, and Nancy Swartz. overflowing

Charter members in attendance included Judy Lloyd, Nancy Swartz, and Gordon Savage. Spouses, children and friends were in attendance for a delicious luncheon complete with anniversary cake, and a program of commemoration (also the word of the day) by Nancy Swartz, and 2 fine speeches by Alan Swartz and Carol Kolesnikoff. Table Topics master Joyce Feustel challenged members to recall other anniversaries in their lives and relate their stories.

The celebration of success, endurance, flexibility and rededication to excellence in the 10th year of operation was well deserved and the club invites you in advance to celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2020!


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