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Special Interest Groups?

I am often asked what the Speakers Bureau does for Toastmasters. The Speakers Bureau qualifies local Toastmasters to speak before various venues about topics that they are subject matter experts. Many outside organizations will ask the Speakers Bureau to provide a speaker to fill in for a key note address, a workshop, or other engagement. If you feel like you are ready to step outside your comfort zone and want to put your Toastmaster experience to good use, consider joining the Speakers Bureau.

Okay, I have probably addressed less that 1% of the District membership with the appeal above. So what can the Speakers Bureau do for the other 99%? I have discussed this very question with the new Speakers Bureau Chief, Brian Lewis, and we have an opportunity to extend to all the members in the District. We are going to add some Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to the Speakers Bureau to make it more interesting for those Toastmasters that do not see themselves in the 1% mentioned above. We would like to invite Toastmasters from all over the District to participate in groups that do Toastmaster activities for the public at large.

Initially we will be introducing a Theatrical SIG for those members that want to do speeches from speech manuals like Interpretive Reading, (e.g.: the play or the mono drama). This is a chance to entertain people in hospitals, old age homes, or schools and get credit for those projects. Imagine the effect you can have overflowing

on someone as you present your project to an audience that may not even know what a Toastmaster is.

In addition we will introduce a Story Telling SIG for those members that want do story telling or work from the other speech manuals (e.g.: the Oratorical Speech or the After Dinner Speech projects). Using all your vocal variety and body language skills to bring a story to life for a child or senior provides a wonderful and heart-felt opportunity to impress someone. It may even open a new career for the Toastmaster. I am aware of several Toastmasters who already have active careers as story tellers. Come join our Story Telling SIG, we need you.

How about comedy? Yes, there is an opportunity to create a Comedy SIG that will allow comedic Toastmasters a new venue to practice their skills while entertaining someone that could use a laugh. If laughter is the best medicine, let's go out and cure the world of its ills.

There are many other possibilities, but we want to hear from you. If you can think of a good idea for a Speakers Bureau SIG, drop me or Brian an e-mail and let us know. I can be reached at

Brian Lewis can be reached at or on the Speakers Bureau page of the website.

We want to hear from you.

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