Volume 38, Issue 2 Serving Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska August 2010
Player's Lineup

hank you to the following Club Coaches and the clubs they worked with to grow membership and strive for Distinguished Club Status:

Mary Mirable coach for Excelsior Toastmasters since 7-20-2009. Mary earned Advanced Leader Silver credit received for helping Excelsior grow by at least 5 members and achieve at least Distinguished status. Immediate Past President of Excelsior, Joyce Feustel, worked with coaches Win Suseno and Mary Mirable as a High Performance Leadership Project (HPL).

Bette Frick and Dawn Kirk, coaches for Absolut Skaal Masters Toastmasters since 7-16-2009, helped their coached club achieve at least Distinguished status and earned their Club Coaching Credit toward their Advanced Leader Silver.

The following coaches worked diligently with their clubs in the past 1-2 years:

Carol Harris, coach for Orbiting Toasters since 7-6-2009

Diane Hurt and Sally Kappel, coaches for Out to Lunch Bunch since 12/15/2008

Terry Ploski, coach for Toast and Jam Club since 9-28-2008

Thank you to the following Toastmasters who are currently serving as Club Coaches:

Club coaching

Jerry Nelson and Paula Cowen coaching High Plains Club in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Ed Morgan coaching Mountain Toastmasters Club in Evergreen, Colorado

Tom Hobbs coaching Solar Speak Club

Gavin Kirton coach for Tri-Town Toastmasters

Ask any one of the current or former coaches and they will tell you that their experience is challenging and rewarding. District 26 has 41 clubs that are coach-eligible, that is clubs with 12 or fewer members that could benefit from working with a coach. If you are a Toastmaster in our District, seeking to achieve your Advanced Leader Silver this year, please contact Betty Chavira, to learn about Club Coaching, since you will need to serve as a new club sponsor, new club mentor, or Club Coach to complete your ALS. I encourage you to do your coaching as your High Performance Leadership Project (also an ALS requirement). Opportunities abound! Make this the year that you work to complete YOUR ADVANCED LEADER SILVER award!


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