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District Officer Nominations

The District Leadership Committee (DLC) is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 nominated candidates for elective District Officer positions.

Executive Leadership (aka The Trio)

District Director: Mike Akins

Program Quality Director: Jacqueline Smith

I joined Talking Ideas Toastmasters club 16 years ago and have held every officer role multiple times. Our club has worked hard to earn President’s Distinguished 14 consecutive years!

My last two years have been a whirlwind. I have learned about District responsibilities and myself as your 2018-19 Program Quality Director: organize and execute training, contests and our annual conference; 2017-18 Club Growth Director: help charter and revitalize clubs.

Outside of Toastmasters, I’m the Chief Operations Officer for an independent financial advisory firm. We have 20 staff and 140 advisors scattered across multiple states.

I joined the Aurorators Toastmasters, 17 years ago in February 2002. I have served in many club leadership roles; Area Director, D6, 2015–2016; Denver Division Director, 2016–2017; Denver Club Retention Coordinator, 2017-2018; and Club Growth Director, District 26, 2018-present (2019).

Life outside of Toastmasters?  Family, faith, friends and fitness are important to me. I have worked for the Social Security Administration for 10 years. I am active in my church. I love all things Spring and Summer. I am a bit of an adventurer with a bucket list and last summer, I actually went parasailing.

Club Growth Director: Victoria Cox

Club Growth Director: Terry Ploski

Victoria Cox has been in Toastmasters for 9 years. During that time she has held several board positions and served as an Area Director 2016-2017 for the Southern Division. She continued to use her leadership skills to obtain the Southern Division Director position in 2017-2018 and also was named Division Director of the Year.

She is very passionate about building confidence in each and every member.

My membership with District 26 began with Golden Orators: 03/2014–09/2019, Evening Stars Toastmasters, 04/2009–03/2014, and Thunderbolt Orators Club, 11/2006–03/2009. I served in the following leadership roles: current Foothills Division Director and Golden Orators Club President. I have served as Club VP Education, Sergeant at Arms, and Area Governor. I am grateful to serve as Pathways Ambassador.

I am an instructor with the Colorado Mountain Club – Senior Wilderness Trekking School, Trip Leader School, Basic Mountaineering School. I also lead over a dozen hikes per year, focusing on Colorado 14ers, that is, peaks over 14,000 elevation.

Senior Level Leadership (aka Division Directors)

Denver Division Director: David Johnson

Foothills Division Director: Stephanee Borck

I joined Toastmasters to improve my ability to speak in public, and today continue to apply what I learned inside and outside of Toastmasters. Working with people brings me to life. I have learned to work with people who have different backgrounds and bring people together to solve difficult problems. I worked with Smoke Free Denver to get restaurants and bars to ban smoking to keep the air clean and get restaurants to turn tables faster to make greater profits. I enjoy helping fellow Toastmasters understand and use tools like the new Pathways to further their journey.

Stephanee has been a Toastmaster for 4.5 years and is a member of the WorldView Toastmasters Club in Westminster, CO.  She has held both the Club President and VP of Education leadership roles during her Toastmasters tenure.

Stephanee’s interest in Toastmasters is to feed her passion for helping people build their self-confidence and leadership skills through all that Toastmasters has to offer.

Metro Division Director: Jeff Ruiz

Metro Division Director: Cynthia Schuller

I’ve worked in several volunteer organizations during my twelve years in Colorado. Most notably, I have served in the American Legion as both a post commander and a state executive officer. My experience in community liaison work has enabled me to utilize my coaching and counseling skills extensively.

In my 3-1/2 years with Toastmasters, I have served as club president for Lowry Peak Speakers, and am now the secretary for Eloquent Entrepreneurs. Additionally, I’m currently serving as the Area M1 Director.

I’m grateful to this organization and for its continuing educational opportunities. We are always learning.

Since joining Toastmasters in 2014, I have had membership in four different clubs and held five different club officer roles. I currently have earned nineteen educational awards and obtained the DTM in August of 2017.

On the District level, I have served as Metro Area Director for Areas 1 and 5, Metro Club Extension Coordinator and a Pathways Ambassador.

I am an Independent Marketing Director for Team National, a membership savings company. I serve as a volunteer board member for the Help Desk Institute (HDI) and am a member of Denver Women in Technology (WIT) and IEEE.

Northern Division Director: David Dawson

Southern Division Director: Bonnie Ann Smith

I joined Morning Tour Toastmasters 2503 in 1988 and due to a schedule conflict transferred to Pioneer 97 about six months later. In March of 1992, I co-sponsored Pathfinder 8593. I have been President and VP Education of both Pathfinder and Pioneer several times as well as VP PR, VP Membership, Treasurer, and Secretary.

I’ve been N3 Area Governor 1992 – 1993, Northern Division Governor 1993 – 1994, N2 Area Governor 2006 – 2007, Northern Division Governor 2008 – 2009 and N2 Area Governor 20 I3 – 2014.

I want to encourage more member participation from Northern in District functions.

I love being in my home club over 10 years and three other clubs (enjoyed 10 clubs total). Holding every club position and Area Director has built a good foundation to be Division Director.

My 41 Toastmaster Education awards include 26 in our traditional education and 15 in our new educational paths. The latest is for completing the Pathways Mentoring Program.

I believe in Toastmasters transformative power, see how a Mentoring Attitude in diverse supportive relationships will help our members and clubs ACHIEVE OUR GOALS and trust our Toastmaster future. 

Urban Division Director: Marc April

Western Division Director: Gregory Harris

Marc April has been a Toastmaster for 13 years. He first joined Toastmasters International in 2006 as an opportunity to build the necessary skills for his newly obtained job in Marketing. Since then he has given back to the organization by volunteering at the club level in different officer rolls, as well as at the Area level by volunteering as an Area Director.

I’ve been a passionate Toastmaster since 2012. My purpose in Toastmasters has never been about the titles of CL/CC and even DTM, but simply to learn to speak and lead, and how to inspire others to do the same. To accomplish this end, I’ve been Area and Division Governor/Director and currently serve as District Webmaster, but feel I still have much to learn.

Nominations for elected positions are now closed

Applications are still being accepted for Appointed poisitions

Elected District Officers

The 2019-2020 District Offices will be filled during Distirct Council elections at the Spring Conference on May 4, 2019.

District 26 is pleased to announce the candidates for elected office have been nominated and the second campaign period is now open for all candidates, including candidates wishing to run from the floor at the District Council election during the Spring Conference.

Floor candidates are free to campaign alongside nominated candidates in all public areas designated for such activities within the guidelines set forth by Toastmasters Int’l and District 26. Floor candidates are required, as a minimum, to submit the Officer Agreement and Release Form before they begin campaigning to Immediate Past District Director (IPDD) Rhea Thompson, District Committee Leadership Chair, at to confirm intent to run for elected office.

The Elected Positions are as follows:

Executive Leadership (aka The Trio)

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director

Senior Level Leadership

  • Denver Division Director
  • Eastern Division Director
  • Foothills Division Director
  • Metro Division Director
  • Northern Division Director
  • Southern Division Director
  • Urban Division Director
  • Western Division Director

As mentioned before, qualified candidates may run-from-the-floor during the Business Meeting.

Candidates running from the floor for an elected position at the District Council election held during the Spring Conference are responsible to prove they meet the requirements in the Candidate Application. To summarize, Floor Candidates need to submit the following.

  1. Proof of membership in good standing in a club in good standing via a screen capture from Toastmasters International in your Profile.
  2. Proof of offices held per the requirement for the desired office – a screen capture from Toastmasters International from your Profile “Offices Held”.
  3. Complete and sign the Officer Agreement & Release Form.
To help speed up the validation process during the District Council election, please consider emailing the above documents to to verify prior to election day.

Appointed (Non-elected) District Officers

The following District Officer positions are available for the 2019-2020 Toastmaster year. The incoming District Director will appoint candidates to the various positions.

        Mid-Level Leadership

Area Director: 43 positions


Denver: 6 Area Directors


Metro: 5 Area Directors


Urban: 6 Area Directors


Eastern: 7 Area Directors


Northern: 4 Area Directors


Western: 5 Area Directors


Foothills: 4 Area Directors


Southern: 6 Area Directors

Appointed (Non-elected) District Officers


Finance Manager


Administration Manager


Public Relations Manager

Appointed (Non-elected) District Leadership Positions

The following Appointed District Leadership positions do not receive education credit for serving. These awesome District Leaders have a passion for Toastmasters. They volunteer their time and skills to help District 26 achieve our mission. The incoming District Director will also appoint people to fill these positions. Would you like to help?

Newsletter/Blog Editor
Social Media Chair
Speakers Bureau Chair
Technology Lead
Logistics Manager
Volunteer Chair
Tech Team
Extension Chair
Division Extension Coordinator (8 positions available, one per Division)
Retention Chair
Division Retention Coordinator (8 positions available, one per Division)

*The District is in critical need of applicants/CHAMPION VOLUNTEERS for eight Club Extension Coordinators  and eight Club Retention Coordinators to service the growth and club retention needs of each division in the District. This is YOUR opportunity to serve the district at a higher level if you meet qualifications or to refer others who are eligible for consideration. Please submit your forms or referrals for consideration today. 

Incumbents wishing to re-enlist for consideration for another term in appointed district officer positions (such as Area Directors, Extension and Retention Coordinators) are highly encouraged to do so. The District still needs you and will benefit greatly from your experience! Incumbents seeking other appointed positions other than the positions they are currently serving or served in the past are also encouraged to submit new applications as well.

Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted using the designated forms (listed below) to Immediate Past District Director (IPDD) Rhea Thompson, DTM, District Leadership Committee Chair, via e-mail:

Please read the Call for Nominations to learn more about elected and appointed District Officer Positions. You might also like to review the District Leader Competencies. Please download, fill in, and email all four forms:

  1. Candidate Application (Note: the new form requires a photo and a list offices held to be sent with the application. Please send head/shoulder picture. For a list of offices held, login to and click on your name at the top of the page.
  2. District Leader Nominating Form
  3. District Leader Biographical Info
  4. Officer Agreement and Release Statement

Nominations are now closed

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