District 26 - Serving Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska

Conference Roles


The Entire Conference Team works together to help each other create a positive experience for the membership attending the District Conference. This TEAM consists of dedicated Toastmasters that agree to engage in the planning and execution of the needs of this Conference. Conference Chairs are accountable for their attendance at planning meetings and the timely completion of the deliverable items throughout the planning phase.


To work within the Team, AS A TEAM, with a “Service First” attitude, respecting each other and the contributions of each member to the Team. Each Team member is accountable to the TEAM for their role responsibilities, actions, and demeanor. This dynamic Team will Lead by Example keeping interactions positive, supportive and collaborative, always maintaining the Mission, Values and Protocol of Toastmasters International.

Every part of a conference requires volunteers filling key roles.
These volunteers are integral and crucial to producing a successful conference.

Program Quality Director/District Director

It is the Program Quality Director who is responsible for all aspects of the District Conference. Plan, Organize, direct and select educational Content. (Pg25 of District Leadership handbook) The District Director supervises and guides all aspects of district. (Page 22 District Leadership handbook) In District 26 the District Director introduces the speakers in the main sessions, Presides over the Business Meeting and hosts the C & L luncheon. Often the member who nominated the C & L Awardee is asked to introduce the awardee and the District Director welcomes them and presents the award. The Contests Chairs with the PQD select the Toastmaster for the Contests.(The selection is reviewed by the District Director) The Saturday night MC is selected with the approval of the District Director and is often that evenings’ Contest Toastmaster. In the Fall The Hall of Fame Luncheon is hosted by the Immediate Past District Director who creates the agenda and selects any participants.

Volunteer Roles Available (Area Directors and Division Directors are ineligible for Chair positions)


Conference Chair

Obtain, develop, and train a team of conference sub-chair positions, to organize, develop, create, plan, and execute a superior Spring/Fall Conference experience for our members.

• Coordinate advertising the conference appropriately with the assistance of District Officers to ensure that as many Toastmasters, (friends and family are also welcome) attend this event.

• Assists in Creating theme directed by the DD ensuring it is consistent with Toastmasters International Branding and ensures its use throughout all educational content and advertising and meets TMI requirements.


Registration Chair

1. Prepare, update, and deliver registration forms to Conference Committee and Chair for approval and distribution. Confirms Registration forms reflect current fees/menu/hotel information, sends to PQD (& Conference Committee) for final approval to be placed on D26 Website by specific date determined

2. Oversee the creation, updates, and ongoing function of the online registration system.

3. Attends conference calls and provides registration updates/needs to Conference Committee (per-determined schedule)

4. Provide update reports on registration totals. Provides report(s) to PQD and Conference Committee to track registration numbers (as scheduled or requested)

5. Conference Set-Up: Maintains Registration area to present a Professional image during the conference. Trains Registration workers so they can answer most questions. Ensures supplies are secured during non-operational hours.

6. Oversees and manages the on-site registration process. Is present at the registration table to assist team with walk in registrations and resolve questions concerning registration payments.

7. Arranges for staffing of the registration desk between the times determined by the Conference Chair.

8. Prepares or provides a merged list to enable printing of nametags which are stuffed in holders with meal tickets 48 hours before registration opens. Adds District Officer Ribbons and First Timer Ribbons as appropriate

9. Receive and process all mailed registrations. Receives all registration by mail, makes copies of checks and delivers checks to District Director weekly

10. (report) Provides list of all first time attendees and contact information to first timer chair in advance of conference to enable chair to email first timers a special welcome.

11. (report) Maintains a complete and up to date list of registrations made; passes list of dignitaries to Conference Committee and Trio

12. (report) Provides any statistics relevant to registration that the Conference Committee may require.

13. (report) Registers meal choices for each participant and ensures that the correct types of meal tickets are provided in name badges to correspond with that choice.

14. (report) Coordinates method of recording advance and Walk-in registrations, to include the amount paid, type of registration, meal choices, club and Area affiliation etc.

15. (report) Keeps the PQD and Conference Chairs acting as Facilities Committee Chair aware of the total number of each type of meal that has been paid, including walk in additions.

16. Reconciles registration funds and expenses


First Timers Chair

New Toastmasters who attend the conference are likely to be unfamiliar with how the Conference is structured. Plan a “first-timer” educational session prior to the conference start. The session will introduce the 1st Timers to each other & provide special activities that will help the new members network & meet other Toastmasters during the conference.
The coordinator should confirm in advance what is a good time and location for conducting the session. This event should be on the timed itinerary for the conference


Educational Chair

With PQD, Venue Chair and Conference Chairs reviews speaker submissions and together they select speakers. Works with Conference Chairs to establish and set up break out rooms to meet speaker’s needs with AV/mic requirements & logistics for each break-out session at the conference. Ensures Speakers provide appropriate introduction, BIO and photo for program, session handouts (by date specified) and to Conference chairs (by: ) for District to print in black & white. Works together with Room Host Chair to Train Room Hosts and provide written instructions for Room Hosts to ensure the breakout sessions are each handled in a similar fashion. SUPPLIES TO BE PROVIDED: Instructions to start the session, timing cards, timing device, evaluation forms, Speaker handouts (if appropriate) Speaker introductions & Certificate of Appreciation (for Speaker). *recommended to have packets prepared in advance for each session. Attend Pre-Conference meeting where these packets should be distributed w/specific instructions. Educational Chair is responsible to ensure Evaluations for each session are collected & given back to Conference Chairs at end of sessions. *If a Speaker elects to print their own handouts-still obtain a copy for the record


Room Hosts Chair

Recruits a Team of Room Hosts for the Educational break-out sessions, business meeting and main sessions to assist the Speakers. Each Educational Session requires a Room Host who will open and close the session (except main sessions) and assist the Speaker by starting the session, introducing them, timing the session and managing the materials for the room. Main session Room Hosts will distribute hand-outs, collect evaluation forms and un-used materials, collect ballots for any voting needed at the business meeting. The Room Hosts are appointed by the Room Host Chair and Room Host Chair will work directly w/Educational Chair to ensure that each session is covered.
*See: Room Host instructions document- this document explains Room Host duties in detail, contents of packet to be prepared by Room Host Chair and answers logistical questions for the Room Hosts. This document should be distributed to the Room Hosts in advance of conference calls to ensure any questions Room Hosts have are answered in advance.

1. Room Host Chair prepares certificates of appreciation for guest speakers for inclusion in Room Host packets.

2. Ensures that the speaking room is properly set up and has necessary equipment, as described in Conference Agenda. (Venue Chair will establish room set up per Speakers needs)

3. Prepares packets for Room Hosts that include evaluation forms, timing cards, room maps, hand-outs (if used by speaker) and Speaker introductions.

4. Room Host Chair will host at minimum one conference call with the Team of Room Hosts after distributing Room Host responsibilities to ensure Room Hosts understand what they need to do and to answer questions. Conference Chair, Co-Chair, Venue Chair and PQD will attend this conference call (if possible) ensuring ALL questions are answered and the Team understands their role.

5. Room Host Chair will establish a time/place to meet Room Hosts On-Site at the conference location prior to the event starting to provide Room Host Packets and go over the instructions one final time. Conference Chair/Co-Chair will attend this meeting and ensure that everyone understands their role and how their role impacts the speakers.
6. Room Host Chair will collect each packet returned to the registration area, ensure ALL are accounted for and provide them to the Conference Chair at the end of the Educational Sessions.

7. Conference Team will provide a “Thank You” card to each Room Host. Room Host Chair will distribute the cards to their Team.


Gatekeeper Chair

Recruit a team of 7-8 volunteers (i.e., Gatekeepers) to ensure that members have paid for events and meals. Before the Conference, schedule Gatekeepers for events and meals.


OPTIONAL NEW ROLE - Volunteer Chair

The Conference has MANY areas where volunteers are needed throughout the event. It may be possible for the Room Host & Volunteer Chair to be one role if you have a strong planner in this position. Care should be given to ensure all areas requiring a volunteer are covered. Walking through the agenda/program step by step AND getting feedback from the other Chair roles will ensure you cover all bases. *see MASTER ROSTER, Volunteer Excel template & Business Meeting instructions for 2014 example. Business Meeting has specific needs for the volunteers or room hosts.


Credentials Chair

The Credentials Chair issues ballots for voting in the Business Meeting and determines whether a quorum of club officers or proxies are present.

The Credentials Chair must be appointed by the District Director and should select at least one assistant.

The Credentials Chair should coordinate with the PQD to have ballots laid out, printed, and stapled/perforated.

The Credentials Chair should coordinate with Conference Committee to ensure a good location for the Credentials desk, to ensure that Credentials desk hours are publicized and well-understood, etc.


Contest Chair

1. Recommends selections for: Toastmaster, Test Speakers and Chief Judges for the Contests to the Program Quality Director for appointment of these roles.

2. Selects for each contest: 2 counters, 2 timers, and 2 trained and experienced judges from each division represented by a contestant, from suggestions of District Director. *Consult DD for recommendations prior to reaching out to Members.

3. Sends information packages to all Contest Team participants to ensure that they are fully briefed, in writing, on all aspects of their duties. Duties are specifically stated in the Contest Rule Book, ensure any variations are confirmed with all parties of your Team.

4. Obtains biographical information and Certificate of Eligibility forms for all contestants and speech titles from the Tall Tales Speech Contestants. *these are used by Contest Toastmaster

5. Provides all forms required by TMI for that contest to the Chief Judge. (review current Contest Rule Book as needed)

6. Coordinates Contest logistics to ensure all participants receive verbal briefings immediately prior to the contest OR as otherwise planned.

7. Provides finalized Contest Programs to the Conference Committee ( for printing ) by the date determined by Conference Planning Team. The number printed will be determined by Conference registration numbers.

8. Ensures that Conference Committee/Printing Chair confirms print order for the contest programs.

9. Ensures that any specialized equipment (e.g. timing light, stopwatch etc.) required for the contests are provided, appropriately staged & tested.

10. Communicates with Conference Committee to provide any needs or other equipment required.

11. Ensures Sgt @ Arms Team secure doors during contests. It is preferred only one main door is used and signs are placed on other doors directing guests to main door


Silent Auction Chair

1.Solicits donations from Clubs via prepared flyers, e-mails sent through Social Media Chair & Constant Contact (Web Team)

2. Silent Auction Team Mingles with auction shoppers, ensure safe friendly & lively environment

3. Sets up / prepares tables, place Bid Sheets at prize locations

4. Maintains a list of all donations w/matching auction bid sheets

5. Secures prize donations during non-conference hours.

6. Ensures Silent Auction tables (area) are fully manned during Conference weekend.

7. At end of auction collects winning bids/documents sales & notifies winners and processes payments

8. Collects money onsite and provides detailed accounting sheet w/funds to District Treasurer and District Governor

9 Draft letter to Clubs seeking donations for Silent Auction – 50 words or less. Short/direct to the point. Draft a colorful flyer for distribution to clubs.


Publicity Chair (optional chair)

Forms team to work with the PRO to create photos, announcements, and other content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Submit an Ad campaign schedule to ensure regular & timely notices are posted. When practical prepare an announcement schedule w/pre-determined topics so this task can be automated.


Finance Chair (optional chair)

PQD prepares Conference Budget and District Director submits to TI at the beginning of the Toastmaster Year. Each committee is informed of their allowable expenses and amounts. All expenses must be approved by PQD in advance to ensure they fall within the anticipated budget. Vouchers are sent to District Treasurer after approval by PQD to ensure that the expense is within the amount budgeted.


Audio/Visual Chair (Co-Chair)

1.AV Chair and Team Coordinates set up of AV equipment with venue staff based on Speaker/Conference needs. Conference Chairs should arrange a meeting w/Hotel (venue staff) to coordinate schedules and ensure D26’s AV Team is well informed of the equipment and assistance provided by the Hotel.

2. Budget for AV will be prepared/reviewed by PQD and DD within scope of contract.

3. Manages and troubleshoots audio/visual equipment throughout the conference.

4. Ensures along with Hotel staff/contractor that all audio equipment is safely stored during non-conference hours and returned after the conference.

5. The AV Team should consist of 2 – 2 man teams to allow appropriate coverage for events and breaks for AV team throughout the Event


Hospitality Chair

Welcomes all attendees at entrance and throughout conference facility. 2. Provides directional assistance to find various meeting rooms at breaks to any attendee as needed/requested and at other times & locations determined by Conference Committee


District Web Team (optional chair)

Responsible for the design, care, and feeding of the website, and for coordinating the team of volunteers who make calendar and other content updates.

• Constant Contact Team Lead: Responsible for creating and sending out timely email updates to District club members, and for keeping the email lists updated


Fundraising Chair

This important role should be started VERY EARLY of be an ongoing part of the PQD & the Fundraising Chair. Together they coordinate efforts to recruit sponsors. A Fundraising letter and schedule is prepared by PQD with input from TRIO. Corporate and Individual Sponsors can help the conference in several ways: Silent Auction items (including gift certificates, movie tickets, etc.) in kind printing for conference flyers, agendas, the conference program, etc. and other office supplies such as folders and nametags. Potential sponsors should be approached in a professional and courteous manner. The sponsor should be given the letter and schedule prepared by the PQD review. Sponsors should receive a professional thank-you letter, receipt and public recognition as outlined in the Sponsor Schedule. Printing chair should include sponsors in conference material


Quality Events Chair

The Quality Event Chair reports to the PQD
Acts as point of contact for the District Director and all committees.
Is a member of all subcommittees.

Resolves conflicts between subcommittees and Conference Committee members.
Interfaces with the hotel to negotiate execute all contractual requirements and solve all problems. Assists with all arrangements for the conference.

Ensures that the conference theme is used throughout the conference, including all publicity.
Under the direction of PQD assists with the smooth and timely running of every aspect of the conference, and for the efficient and timely operation of the Conference Committee.
In consultation with the PQD monitors and tracks Committee meetings and critical dates. Ensures Conference Chairs are on schedule with established milestones.
With Conference Chairs – Arranges a conference review meeting the week after the conference. Prepares a report for this meeting on how to improve future conferences, and encourages other facilitators to do the same

OPTIONAL NEW ROLE – Decorations Chair

Consider WHERE you want the stage specifically: Center of the room, off to right or left, cornered in the room. Best placement for a video screen needs to be considered. What needs to be on the stage: Podium (where) backdrop to add depth, plants to make the stage area more appealing (for video). Consult your timeline: there are different items that will need to be brought up to the stage at different parts of the event. Business meeting has specific protocol that needs to be followed, be sure the gavel is on the podium for the meeting to be called to order. Where possible have both stairs and a ramp for handicap access. *consider if needed.

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