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2016-2017 District 26 Hall of Fame

Hosted by Immediate Past District Director Darryle Brown at the 2017 District 26 Fall Conference, this annual event is designed to celebrate the remarkable individual and group achievements of our members throughout the District, who have made significant milestones in the 2016-2017 year. The contributions made by our members have been recognized by fellow toastmasters and district leadership for which many received the highest honors. None of our district success, including achieving distinguished district would’ve been possible without a team effort.


2016-2017 Toastmaster of the Year

F2 Area Director, Distinguished Toastmaster, Penny Alleman

2016-2017 Division Director of the Year

Foothills Division Director, Adv. Communicator Bronze, Adv. Leader Bronze, Clare Kennelley

2016-2017 Area Director of the Year

E2 Area Director, Advanced Communicator Gold, Advance Leader Bronze, Eric Kronwall

2016-2017 District Director’s Award 

Club Growth Director, Distinguished Toastmaster Marcia Wood

Excellence in Leadership Award

Program Quality Director, Distinguished Toastmaster Rhea Thompson


Distinguished Toastmasters Fall 2017

Swartz, Alan P.

Diaz, Carlos D.

Clark, Amber

Donnellon, John N.

Johnson, David R.

Schuller, Cynthia

Levine, Howard A.

Pierson, Michael M.

Laborde, Robert A.

Barrett, Kathy R.

Williams, Stacey A.

Tran, May


District Outstanding Toastmasters for 2016-2017.

District Quality Events Chair – Lori High, DTM

Finance Manager – Brenda Uitts, CL

2017 Spring Conference Chair – Marieta Ferrington

Top Achiever – Triple Crown Award – Keith Horowitz, DTM


Distinguished Service Award

Metro Division Director – Tom Marrs, DTM

F1 Area Director – Alan Swartz, DTM

Administration Manager – Jennifer Costello, DTM


Special Recognition for District Service

Immediate Past District Director, Deborah Frauenfelder, DTM


Achievement Award – Alignment Committee

Bob Baxter, DTM – Chair

Michelle Bires, DTM

Karen Kitzky, DTM

Terry Ploski, DTM

Cecilia Kramer, CL

Mark West, DTM

Gregory Harris, CC,CL


President’s Distinguished Division Directors

Foothills Division Director – Clare Kennelley, ACB, ALB

Metro Division Director – Thomas A. Marrs, DTM


Distinguished Division Directors

Denver Division Director – Jacqueline Smith, ACG, ALB

Eastern Division Director – John Withrow, ACS, ALB


President’s Distinguished Area Directors

D1 Area Director – Carolyn Conover, ACS, CL

E2 Area Director – Eric Kronwall, ACG, ALB – Bronze Medal

F5 Area Director – May Tran, ACS, ALB

F6 Area Director – Pattie Koop, DTM

F7 Area Director – John Yarbrough, ACB, ALB

M1 Area Director – James Coope, CC, CL

M6 Area Director – Nina Moore, ACB, ALB – Silver Medal

S1 Area Director – Sunitha Mushini, CL


Distinguished Area Directors

D5 Area Director – Dana Claire Discher, ACB, ALB – Bronze Medal

D6 Area Director – James H. Roth, ACS, ALB

D7 Area Director – Peter Hazlet, CC, CL

E5 Area Director – Stephen Bailey, CC, ALB – Silver Medal

F3 Area Director – Frank DeDominicis, CC

F4 Area Director – Joe Schneckenburger, ACG, ALB

M2 Area Director – Howard Levine, ACG, ALB – Bronze Medal

M3 Area Director – James Umbenhower, ACS, ALB

M4 Area Director – John N. Donnellon, DTM – Gold Medal

M7 Area Director – Melissa K. Butler, ACS, ALB

S2 Area Director – Rajalakshmi Muthukumarasamy, CC, ALB

S5 Area Director – Anil Dewan, DTM

Gold Medal

D8 Area Director – Carol Pace, DTM

Bronze Medal

S4 Area Director – David Wheeler


Congratulations to all of our leaders and members in District 26 who made a difference in empowering us to become a distinguished district!






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