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Passengers please remain seated with your seat belts fastened until the captain turns off the sign. While the flight attendants were explaining evacuation plans before take off, a thought occurred to me, there is no way I can use my seat as a floatation device since we didn’t even have room for our knees between our seat and the one in front of us. This is insane and someone really should rethink the design of the plane or rethink evacuation plans. I was really tired of stinky airports, planes, and passengers after traveling through six states to reach my final destination Palm Desert, CA!

Toastmaster District officers are required to be trained for two days prior to the convention and I kept hearing that this was a pivotal point in Toastmasters history. This was the first year that all District Governors and Lt. Governors were trained from around the world. To be exact 250 of us were taught with the same power-points, the same handouts, and the same Regional Advisors. I was able to learn and work together with other LGM’s from places like New Zealand, Mexico, Belgium, and India just to name a few! I came away with the knowledge and confidence that together we have a unified goal: to make Toastmasters better for every member.

The Toastmasters International Convention 2010 started Wednesday evening with opening ceremonies. 117 countries were represented and their flags stood on stage during the entire Convention. My favorite part of that evening was when the Star Spangled Banner wouldn’t play. For a few minutes we all waited but nothing. Then from the back of the room someone started to sing it, and then we all joined in. Tears were streaming down people’s faces. It was so moving!

The educational sessions were amazing and I have decided to take Rory Vaden up on his tour: Take the Stairs. I learned how different brands affect us and who we are and how to be more creative about marketing, not just my business or Toastmasters but also myself!

The Semi-final speech contests were wonderful, but I have to say Ian Humphrey’s Semi-final was the best. overflowing

Jennifer Zerba

Maybe I am a little biased, but his speech was remarkable. He was the last one and listened to every one before him. He didn’t hesitate a bit; he stepped up on the stage and had everyone in the audience in the palm of his hand by the end of his speech.

The business meeting was early, real early 7:00AM and I was glad we started early because we were there until 11:45 almost noon. Over 17,500 ballots had to be counted EVERY time we voted and the second vice president race took three counts! I was so glad we had made appointments with the candidates throughout the week and taken the time to talk with them about our concerns and get to know them! It made knowledgeable voting much easier.

The World Champion of Public Speaking Contest was incredible with an audience of 1500 Toastmasters! Ian represented our District with passion, sincerity, and heart. We are all so very proud of him. The President’s dinner dance was wonderful with the induction of International Officers and the International President’s Speech. Unfortunately we had an early flight and couldn’t stay to dance the night away, but maybe next time!

2011 International Convention will be in Las Vegas at Bally’s. Make plans to go because it will change your prospective of Toastmasters, and give you the extra oomph to move forward in your life!

Passengers please prepare for landing. As we were waiting for our car to arrive, I sat enjoying the Denver 85 degrees and preparing myself for the 4½ hour drive home ahead of me. When I got home and started to unpack I had so many business cards from fellow Toastmasters that they kept falling out of my bag! I met distant relatives and family I didn’t even know I had. Toastmasters is changing humanity one member at a time!


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