Player's Lineup


"The universe never did make sense; I suspect it was built on government contract."

Robert A. Heinlein

Hail Mary
District 26 Player Card

Brian Lewis
Speaker Bureau Chief
Stats and Facts

Toastmaster for how long? 7 years
Member of what club(s)? Rocky Flats Toastmasters
Toastmasters Communicator Level? Advanced Communicator Bronze
Toastmasters Leadership Level? Advanced Leader Bronze
Why did you join Toastmasters? I was a young manager at IBM seeking new experiences and working on my speaking confidence. I constantly found myself being assigned to manage technical teams involved in critical situations that put the spotlight on my team.
What are your plans for the organization? My plans for the speakers bureau are to ensure that the members are actively engaged and aware of the opportunities in both our community and Toastmasters. I want to recruit everyone I can to provide a diverse and compelling list of topics that would be available to anyone who asks for a speaker.
Personal Toastmaster Goals? Travel the world writing speeches and helping young people to be more effective communicators.
How has Toastmasters changed your life? Toastmasters has helped broaden my perspective on all facets of life and gain insight to how people think, feel, and act. I use Toastmasters as one of my creative outlets, something I seemed to lose sight of while in college.
Anything else? I have an identical twin brother, so you'll never know which one of us will be speaking next time we meet.


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